Zigbee/Z-Wave button alternative to Flic?

I am looking to add a small button underneath the edge of my counter in the kitchen and the Flic button is the perfect size, but would not work directly with my HE unless I get the hub too. Is anyone aware of another option that would be similar in size to Flic but work with HE? The closest I can find is the Xiaomi buttons, but those are a bit too large.

What about the Samsung SmartThings Zigbee Buttons?


That would be perfect if smaller. My overhang on the counter is 1.25", the ST button is 1.61'

These came out a while back. It might just fit your needs, dimensions are 32mm and google says that's 1.25984 inches. Should be natively supported soon. Mike's post was 5 days ago.

This might work! I have a hue bridge so it should work fine to trigger an existing Honeywell Seaver’s smart switch through HE, right?

Where did you find those dimensions? I can’t find them posted anywhere?

Right on the main page I linked to under "The switch". If you pair it with your Hue hub, Hubitat will not see it. It would have to be paired directly to Hubititat to work with anything that is not on the Hue bridge. That's why I mentioned the native driver Mike will eventually put out.

Thanks, I somehow missed that, maybe because I was on mobile.

The Lutron Pico (just a hair over 1.25" wide) requires an initial investment in the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, but once you have done that, then you can pickup Pico remotes for around 10-15 dollars each. Five buttons with hold or release actions too, so up to 10 different button actions per remote, and a 10 year battery life. All local in HE.

AduroSmart ERIA dimmer is Zigbee and fits Decora plates, so it should be the same size as the Pico.

Third option is to use an old phone as your bridge. There's also a Mac App now. I own one Flic mistake, and I'm now using it with my always on Mac that serves many other uses. Since the Bluetooth in the original flic button is so bad, it has to be within a few feet of the Mac to work.

To use the button with the Flic app on an always on phone, tablet or Mac, create a Rule Machine trigger, where the trigger is Local end point. Copy the local end point URL and paste it in the Flic app as an HTTP Internet request.

The Fibaro Button?


How about a little diy? Using a gocontrol contact sensor (because they have the ability to add external wires, you could create a button of your choice. Just need to be able to hide the contact sensor. If it's a counter, you should be able to conceal the sensor inside the cabinet. I have the entire construction and rule worked out in my head. If you're interested and you can work a soldering iron, I could have an idea.

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Thanks, but I just ordered a Hue button, hopefully we get a driver soon.


I know you ordered a Hue button, but this is 100% the way to go. Any contact sensor with external contact terminals (the GoControl would work fine) and the fanciest looking momentary switch of your choice (like a wired doorbell switch).

As @april.brandt said, the contact sensor would be easy to conceal - leaving just the fancy looking momentary switch visible.

And am RM rule that triggers whatever you want to when the status of the contact sensor *changed*

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Okay, that makes sense. I’d like to see what you are thinking with the contact sensor. I am no stranger to a soldering iron and wouldn’t mind trying a DIY project like this.

We have the Samsung SmartThings Zigbee Button under our upper cabinet, setup with the Sonos (pause, play, and next).

(Sorry bad pic, getting blinded by the Sun light)

Here's the ST button hidden underneath the corner of the upper cabinet.

That's a great idea for location, but unfortunately this is what I have to work with being that it's an island.

This is a diy button project I created to change modes when phones are docked. I've done two different ones. It's essentially what you would be doing, but you would control it by a press. Take a look at the construction of the button in particular. The rules will come later. And you don't have to use these buttons. Like @aaiyar mentions, any momentary button would work.

I'm surprised to hear that you have such poor range with your Flic. I have a few Flic buttons and the Hub, and a couple of my buttons are at least 30ft away from the hub, with a couple of walls/doors in-between, and they've never had a problem triggering nearly instantaneously.

The range to Flic for Mac is bad. The range from a Flic to iPhone was decent, but I haven’t used it that way since I had an iPhone 6. Still, it just barley reached 1 floor above. Zigbee has been so much better, even without a repeater.

I don’t have the Flic hub, and would never pay $100 to extend the range of a $30 button that only has three possible actions. Glad you’re happy with your purchase. No offense intended. Just not for me.

No offense taken! I was just surprised by your experience. I agree that it's a bit of an expensive way to get a smart button, but I didn't know of many better options at the time :slight_smile:

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