Zigbee Scene Controller

Does anyone have any recommendations on a zigbee scene controller with at least 4 buttons? I have one of these but don't know how to get it to work so I am looking for an alternative that is easy to get working with HE.


Any recommendations would be great! Thanks in advance!

Is that the same as

The ZWN-SC7 is Z-Wave. I’d be happy to develop a driver for the Zigbee one :slight_smile:

I’m planning to buy one in a few weeks, but if one were to find its way to me before then, I’d be happy to work on a driver sooner.

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ZWN-SC7 is Z-Wave. Same faceplate, but different controller protocols—the one on prime cables is Zigbee—and even better—it has an option without lights.

You could pickup a Hue Dimmer. @oliver.lienhard put together a nice rule in RM allowing multiple presses to cycle through scenes, [How to] recreate Philips Hue Dimmer Switch functionality with RuleMachine

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It looks the same but it's Zwave. Sadly won't work for me :frowning:

If you can wait a couple weeks, I plan to write a driver :slight_smile:

Also—I’ve been using a Lightify 4-button controller in a few spots and those work well enough.

I know @adamkempenich you're the man to work on it but I have no patience lol. If it wasn't the main floor and I wouldn't use it all day i could wait... but I'm looking for a quicker solution and not having to rely on someone. Appreciated as always

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I do have one of these already. i will look into this. Thanks @CAZ!

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Adurosmart makes a great zigbee device:

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I'd be interested in 1 if you write a driver for it, however the ling provided was a Canadian web site that doesn't seem to want to ship to the US do you know if this is available someplace currently in the US? Amazon doesn't seem to have it.

Some real mixed reviews there, and a scene controller that needs a neutral wire! :confused:

There are better options in my opinion. Any button controller in HE can be a scene controller. If you’re specifically looking for a four button Zigbee controller that fits a Decora plate, the AduroSmart ERIA dimmer is compatible with HE. If you’re not bent on the shape, there will be some nice looking Zigbee 3 controllers coming from Xiaomi. Of course we don’t have any idea if drivers will be difficult or easy for them yet, but if they are compliant Zigbee 3.0, they they should be a good buy and reliable.

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I live in North Dakota, was hoping they might just consider me a part of Canada :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll have to look into where to buy them in the US. Didn’t realize they don’t ship out of country.

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I'm going to try this out! Thanks for the response and yes I was looking for a decora compatible option. :facepunch:

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I should have mentioned that I was looking for a decora switch. Thanks for the response

I ended up using the zooz ZEN22 with no load. I know its z-wave, but there isn't a zigbee pure controller in Decora out there.


I have a zigbee leviton decora dimmer switch that works well.


Sinope too. Also HE compatible. Their dimmer isn’t available yet, but they have one that will be ready soon.

Dimmer IS available now

If you’re looking for compatible devices, check the Hubitat Compatible Device list first. You can sort by protocol and type to easily narrow your search and find device quickly.


These aren't scene controllers though. It would be tough to use them as dimmers controlling other smart bulbs when they are not scene controllers afaik.

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