Zigbee Garage Door

Are there any Zigbee Garage door openers? I have seen the z-wave one from Go Control but I have all Zigbee devices and would like to just stick to that if possible.

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Well, you can make something that functions like a garage door opener for less than $40. Here's what I used for some time:

  1. A zigbee outlet with a momentary switch driver. I used a Peanut plug.
  2. An automotive relay
  3. A tilt or contact sensor - there's good zigbee ones

You'll need two virtual momentary switches called "Open Garage" and "Close Garage" and a Rule that either opens/closes the garage door depending on which momentary switch is triggered and the current position indicated by the sensor.

I'm happy to share more details if you want.


Please do,

How exactly do you connect the switch to the relay?

Im guessing you have to hack wires from the peanut to the relay. Some folks use a wall wart 12V DC and wire that to a 12v relay. (the one linked was 120v coil, so infers he wired it direct to the peanut AC socket)

If you dont fancy getting DIY, this thing works great for me. Im using it with a Peanut to control my yard irrigation controller, I have the dry contacts wired in to the rain sensor terminals.




What @jon1 inferred is exactly what I did. And the relay suggested by @jon1 makes it even simpler. The only thing that you need for the Peanut plug is a momentary driver - so if it is turned on, it turns off immediately. This simulates a button push.

The NO and Common (C) terminals of the relay are connected to the garage door opener. When the Peanut plug is turned on, the relay is energized momentarily, and those contacts are closed (simulating a button push). When the Peanut plug turns off, the NO contact is open (simulating a button release).

Edit - I can send you a momentary driver for a Peanut plug if you go that route.

That was the first way that I automated my garage door before I got the MyQ opener. There is also an app that allows you to connect the plug and a contact sensor together to create a virtual garage door on your system.

hmm.. I have a spare ikea tradfri plugs would the driver work for that?

Also.. what is a driver? Im new to HE so please excuse my ignorance

No. But it would be easy to modify it to work with a Tradfri plug.

Many others can answer this way better than I can. A Hubitat driver is the equivalent of a device type handler in Smartthings. It interfaces directly with the device in question, and permits Hubitat to use it as a specific type of device.

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You answered it perfectly, IMHO.


I thought about doing this too, an totally appreciate the aproach. Just wanted to say in the interest of time you can get an opengarage which works with wifi (if you have wifi in your garage) and reads the door position by ultrasonic sensor. You can then control and read from it by calling URLs from RM4. All the install takes is 2 screws to mount and a USB cable for power and works great. It also serves its own webpage for operation too and is open source so you can tweak if necessary, but I didn't need to.

So looks like I'm going to order the peanut plug and relay do I need anything else?

Yes, you will need some 18 gauge wire to connect the relay terminals (C/NO) to the terminals on your garage door.

There is one possible complication. If your door is Security 2.0+, then you have to connect the relay terminals to either a push button switch connected to the door, or to a remote.

This would be true even if you used a GoControl z-wave garage controller or OpenGarage or anything else. I think it is because the wall button or remote opener send an RF signal to the GDO to control the door. But connecting the relay to the wall button or remote provides a workaround.

Mine does not have the 2.0+ security. so that should be easier

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Here's the kind of wire that I use for low voltage applications like this:


It is about $0.20 per foot.

Could you send me that driver for the plug? I'm ordering:

  • Peanut Plug
  • SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor
  • Relay

Looking to put it all together this weekend.


Here is something that would work with the Peanut without hacking it! A little pricey but these things are hard to find.

You probably have an old 12v wall-wart laying around for free that you could use. Also, a little secret, it doesn't have to be 12v. Most automotive relays will trigger at 9-10v. You're not trying to hold it open for hours, just long enough to trip the button. I would NOT pay $45 for a relay. Might as well buy a mimo lite or a z-wave garage door opener for that kind of money.


yeah my whole cart with the other stuff comes out to around $40 and it's everything I need.