Zigbee Dry Contact?

There seem to be a million devices I can use for a Z-Wave dry contact, but anyone know of any Zigbee devices that are HE compatible? Looking for something I can wire up to another device that has a normally open relay.

@njanda found one:


@njanda where did you find this wonderful device available for purchase?

I think it was some aliexpress seller, further up in that thread.

Yeah, I'm not finding it on there when I search unfortunately :frowning:



Yep that’s the one.
I ordered 4 units which took about 4-5 weeks to come out to Aus from China.
The DHL shipping was delayed due to some priority supplies that needed shipping.


Any feedback on this device?
Have you had a chance to test it's repeating ability, or lack thereof?

Still hasn’t arrived. COVID-19 funness...

oops, meant to tag @njanda also.

The device works great as a dry contact switch but I don’t have anything routing through it so I can’t make any real claims regarding it’s routing ability.

If I had to say something about it, it’d be that because it’s Tuya based, I reckon it’ll “route” fine but I doubt it’ll have much “range”, If you were looking for such a 2 in 1 type device.

Some people seem to equate “routing” with “range extenders”, which seems wrong in my experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the feedback.
Seems like a very handy device for a lot of applications.
As for it's routing abilities I'm mostly concerned if it will play nice in a mesh, or act like some bulbs and other crap repeaters, and slow everything to a crawl.
Any chance you've stumbled across a dry contact zigbee sensor as well? :grinning:

It’s operating in my Zigbee mesh beautifully. I’ve got a few Lightify globes, Iris contacts, Iris motions, Tradfri routers, SmartThings contacts and a couple of those cheap Chinese Zigbee Inline power switches.

For a Zigbee Dry contact - I’d be modding a SmartThings door contact sensor.
They’re super reliable, good on batteries and easily modded :+1:t3:

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I have one of these devices also, using it as a dry contact for my garage door.
Can confirm its working great!
Tho it is only 3m max away from my hub!!!

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Hi all

Does anyone here know how to reset the MS-104Z to get it into pairing mode..?
Tried the power Off/On 3 times and 5 times, but no luck.. :thinking:

From other topic:

As noted in the other topic, I seem to recall that you toggle the SWITCH connected to the device, 5 times, whilst it is powered up.
NOT toggling the devices power 5 times. :slight_smile:

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How can a person shop on alibaba.com and have any confidence in what they are getting? No documentation... conflicting specs on wireless protocols... broken English... etc. Seems like a gamble that you'll get what you think you're buying. I'd easily pay an extra few bucks just to buy from a reputable reseller.

All that aside... can anyone here vouch for that exact link being a legitimate dry contact relay with zigbee communication? I know there are no guarantees but even just an "it worked for me" might help boost my confidence.


But... "it worked for me" 4 pack :arrow_down: but yeah no guarantees.

Edit: Here's some pics of the ones Moes sent me.

Tuya MS-104Z Zigbee Switch Module

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