ZB/ZW multi button remotes - Recommendations?

I am looking for something to replace my old 433MHz 41GGZ11UrjL.AC_SY450

Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement using Zigbee or Zwave?

I have had nothing but success with Aeon ZW Minimotes. You can probably still find them and they are cheap. They only have 4 buttons press/hold; the one you show looks like it does 16 with the ABCD switch?

Excellent !!! Thank you

Will look for them.

Remotec ZRC-90, z-wave, 8 buttons, supports double tap as well as the usual button presses

Thanks - Will search for them in the UK.

This looks interesting - just not sure if will work with HE


Take a look at the rgb genie zigbee remote

@Rxich a really good find there!

I really like that, Amazon is out of stock, I checked the website for the company and they have a range of interesting zwave and zigbee switches.

Have you actually got the remote you referenced working in HE?

I am up for giving it a try but the shipping is as much as the actual device, so would rather like to have some idea if it will actually work.

I do not have the remote. I know Mike was working on RGB genie device drivers, and I think he has the remote in there? If not you can put in a request to support. They're good at adding devices, and maybe already incorporating this device

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