ZB/ZW multi button remotes - Recommendations?

The zooz has a replaceable rechargeable lr2032 battery - at least the one I ordered a couple months ago does.

Edit: which is awesome, btw! Replaceable rechargeable!

Edit 2: sorry, but I have to add, LR is now supported! Thanks HE team.

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Yea, these work well. Have one in my son’s room for all his different lights. Here is a link for the driver…


To clarify, that's also the one I know; the Minoston is the one I don't have and looks like it uses "regular" CR2032 cells.

Not sure if you want a handheld remote or something that is meant to be wall mounted. If the former I have 3 Fibaro KeyFobs and love them. (BTW, while they come with a key ring and chain it is super simple to remove).


BTW, my first remote was the Aeotec Minimote and I wasn't really happy with it at all.

The new ikea symfonisk remote has a good look and feel.

There is also the 2-button Rodret dimmer that supports pushed, held, and released functions.

Both are magnetic and come with metal plates for wall mounting.

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