Z-Wave Devices w/ Missing or Incomplete Drivers

I looking for suggestions.. I’m on a quest to find every oddball z-wave device that either doesn’t have a driver, or existing drivers don’t open up enough of the devices capabilities.

My goal is to have support for everything out there.. And for HE to be the most complete HA option out there..

I prefer z-wave programming, but if there is a big gap in zigbee I’ll make a go at it..


Everspring ST815-2 Pairs but does not have a supported driver.

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I don't have any of these, but there have been multiple requests to support the Aeotec Water Sensor 6.


I’ve seen that.. Kidna surprised me.. I’ll look into it

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I’m pretty sure I have this device.. So it doesn’t work with any of the generic drivers?

NVM I have the ST814 .. Ok.. I’ll take a look


can you get me a fingerprint of the 815?

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I just posted about this device here Qubino Z-Wave Plus Flush RGBW Dimmer Module ZMNHWD3 - 4 Dimmer Mode

I would love to see something with all the options


I'll check into it

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don't know if I'm the only one who has this plug but it seems to work very well but was only recognized as device.
Here's the fingerprint from pairing

Details from driver page

  • deviceType: 18244
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x5A,0x85,0x59,0x73,0x26,0x27,0x70,0x7A
  • deviceId: 12338
  • manufacturer: 388

works well after switching driver to generic z-wave smart dimmer, and it was only 15 bucks on fleabay


If that is the case... Then all it needs is to be added to the fingerprint of the existing driver .. Pinging @mike.maxwell for that


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iBlinds has a poor (creates events optimistically last time I checked rather than waiting to hear back from the device, for example) port of an ST DTH that I marginally improved:

However, I don't know what I'm doing, or the device is weird (does it never send battery unless you ask?). Or possibly a combination of both. :slight_smile: (I mean, the devices are weird, but they're the only option I know of that would work for me.) I'm not sure if this could actually be better on Hubitat, but if you get really bored... :slight_smile:

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Ok @Brandon.. I don't own one of these (yet) .. But I took a stab in the dark at it based on the information I could find..

When you swap to this driver.. hit configure .. and wake up the device..

There isn't a lot to this device so it will probably work.. I may need to make a couple of fixes..

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The aeotec dual "nano" switch needs a driver unfortunately no driver works correctly for it. The built in one for the micro gets about 60% there, but the status is all messed up.

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What is the built-in one missing?

The built is one is for the "micro" not the newer latest "nano" model.

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I'll check into it..

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Can you get me the model number and fingerprint?

One I gave up on just a few months ago and disposed of:
Intermatic CA9000 Motion Sensors (Link)

I could get them paired but after that they never seemed to work. I even started writing a driver for them but after a couple days of getting no where I gave up. Considering how old they were (they were some of the first devices I ever got, back for my Almond+), and bulky, I just went with newer devices to replace them.

Not saying I NEED a driver (or want one) but it falls into that "support everything" request.

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