Wyze Lock (Bluetooth and Zigbee?)

Temperature and humidity reports from this device work with the built-in driver. Since your screenshot is of Hubitat Dashboard, it's possible you have the wrong template chosen for this device there. (I know it's confusing, but "multi sensor" isn't really the one you want--that's designed for devices like the ST multisensor where open/close from a contact sensor is the primary attribute. I don't use this on a Dashboard so can't tell you which is best, but dedicated temperature or humidity tiles should be one option, albeit with two separate tiles if you want both.) The other possibility is that if you just paired the device, it may not have sent a temperature or humidity report yet. The best place to look here is the device page itself (under "Devices")--under "Current States," you should see all expected attributes like temperature and humidity. If not, a "Refresh" command (from that page) may help, or if it's not even reporting this like motion, then you may want to check that it paired correctly. If you just got a C-7 hub, the Inovelli supports S2 and will try that by default, but secure devices are a bit trickier to pair. Trying again after an exclusion may help.

This is a fairly conservative list of things staff have tested and know to work with the built-in drivers. Again, most Zigbee and (especially) Z-Wave devices can probably be made to work to some extent, but you may need custom drivers or community assistance. Unlike Home Assistant, Hubitat does not have an array of reverse-engineered cloud integrations, but it does have a few cloud and LAN integrations.

What isn't working well for you with Hue? I wrote my own Hue Bridge integration because some features were missing, but I didn't have problems with the built-in Hue Bridge integration.

I don't know of any robot vacuums on the compatible device list, though I think I may have seen a community integration or two, and there's always IFTTT as a middleperson if you need that.

I'm sorry you have some frustrations with the product. I know learning a new system can be daunting--that is how I felt on Home Assistant when I was new to it, and when I switched from it to Hubitat a couple years ago, Hubitat actually had much better Zigbee (and at least as good of Z-Wave) support. As you note, Home Assistant has gotten better since then (I had counltess Zigbee devices I couldn't get to work, a showstopper for me since I already had them). I still use both a little bit, but Hubitat has almost all of my devices and automations. Don't be afraid to use the community to figure things out. It's possible the product won't meet your exact needs, but it's also possible you'll like it as you learn more. You can also use both and do what each one does best; there are a few integrations like the HACS Hubitat add-on or MQTT.

Good luck as you go forward, whichever way it may be!

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You were correct! This was a multi sensor and I had it set up as a multi sensor first, however after waiting 15 min getting nothing, I then I changed it over to just a temperature and humidity sensor. It still didn’t work which is why I made the post. I guess the issue was that I didn’t wait for it to poll after changing it over because now it’s showing up and I have done nothing to change anything since. My fault, though I’m not sure why the product isn’t listed in the drop-down for this company if it’s supported and I doubt the rest of the functions are going to work because it’s only set up as a temperature and humidity sensor not a multi sensor which again didn’t work as you pointed out too.

I’ve already hijack this thread enough, which is something I hate doing especially for a first post. I also have to gather my thoughts and have more time with this box before I make any further posts, I hate to be the one to say something that isn’t correct because of my own ignorance. First impressions though aren’t good. The whole point of a commercial product is to do better than an open source product. The reason I bought this box was to unify the entire house the same way Home assistant did however without having to manage a Home automation server myself. It should just work out of box, it shouldn’t be limited to a number of devices and a number of manufacturers, and it shouldn’t take any sort of great hassle or fiddling to get anything to work. That’s the point of a commercial product. What really annoys me is that the same line of thinking that was going on at smart things seems to be going on here, just the opposite side of the same coin. When is somebody going to give us a different coin entirely?


The iNovelli 4-in-1 sensor definitely works as a multisensor under Hubitat. There are several people here using it.

@bcopeland also wrote an advanced driver for it:

Hello @jonathan.estok, Welcome. As @bertabcd1234 replied, one of the great things about Hubitat is the community. I switched from an ancient X-10 system to Hubitat so I don't have experience with HA. I can say the company works to add support for more devices all the time and there are lots of people from different backgrounds who add support for devices as well. You may want to look at the list of devices that have been reported to work or have community drivers:

Thank you but I’m returning my hub, I’m done. For anyone who’s looking for this locks integration all you need is home assistant and a Nortek zigbee/Z wave controller. I have it set up on raspberry pi 4 working amazing. Even better you don’t need their WYZE lock hub (You know the ones that connect to those Chinese servers like everything else made in China). I’m not kidding just paired directly through the zigbee interface on home assistant and 10 seconds later CONTROL YOUR LOCK (open/closed/lock_state/battery_state). I even unplugged the damn Wyze lock hub And it kept working. Obviously cloud integration no longer works, however Bluetooth locally works as well, in case your Hass server goes down (plus this one has a key back up).

This is why I love open source. Anyway goodbye habitat, it lasted less than 24 hours. I’m even more infuriated that I have to call them to factory reset my hub and remove my private information, some thing I should be able to do locally with a hub that’s advertised as a “locally focused” hub. As bad as Samsung, no surprise it’s the same people.

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You can factory-reset your own Hubitat hub, but I'm glad Support was able to help you out in any case (though I'm not sure who you "called" if that is literal since that is not a service they offer). Hubitat has no connection with Samsung, BTW, other than that many of the original staff were former ST community members, like how you and I are Hubitat community members.

The problems you mentioned seem to stem from the fact that a single device that is not officially compatible does not work. While unfortunate because that device is important to you, this will occasionally be the case with any hub/software you use. (If it works with HASS, it's likely something Hubitat staff could do if they had one. Wyze seems uninterested in making it work with anything besides their own Gateway. Home Assistant likely reverse-engineered the communication the same way Hubitat--who have, IMHO understandably, prioritized the support of standards-conforming locks, most of which aren't at terribly dissimilar price points--would have to.) I am not saying I think you are wrong for leaving; you should use the hub/software the best suits your needs, and, while many of us like the product, the reality is that will not be Hubitat for everyone. Just pointing out the facts for anyone else who happens to see this thread.

Zigbee devices can be paired to only one "coordinator" (hub) at a time, so not only do you not need the Wyze Gateway, you couldn't use it as above because it's not possible to do so. Bluetooth is indeed supported locally on the lock (that is also how the lock communicates to the Gateway). But hopefully your HASS never goes down so you need to do that. :slight_smile:

Good luck on future home-automation endeavors!


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