Community Device Drivers (AKA Compatible Devices Wiki)

The purpose of this Wiki post* is to maintain an active list of community based drivers that are currently running on the Hubitat Elevation platform. As you add new devices to your network that are NOT listed in the "List of Compatible Devices" , please add them here to keep the Community up to date.

See also, the Community Apps Wiki for a list community based applications.

Please note:
The list of devices that are known by our staff to work on Hubitat Elevation hub, has a new home. Please visit our updated list at: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation

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ZWave Devices

Aeon Dry Contact
Aeon Home Energy Meter
Aeon Home Energy Meter v1 for Laundry Monitoring (custom driver)
Aeon/Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen 5 (ZW095-A) (ootb and custom driver for full functionality)
Aeon Labs Doorbell
Aeon Labs Contact
Aeon micro dimmers
Aeon micro motor controllers
Aeon Minimote
Aeon Multisensor / motion
Aeon Multisensor 6
Aeon Recessed Door Sensor
Aeon Series 2 non energy dimmer
Aeon Series 2 non energy switch
Aeon Siren Gen 5
Aeon Smart Energy Switch DSC06106 (custom driver)
Aeon WallMotes (ootb and custom driver for slide functionality)
Aeon water
Aeotec Garage Door Controller Gen5 (ZW062-A) - Using "Generic Z-Wave Garage Door Opener"
Aeotec NanoMote One (ZWA003-A)
Aeotec NanoMote Quad (ZWA004-A)
Aeotec Range Extender 7 (Custom Driver)
Aeotec Smart Switch 7 using Aeotec Smart Switch 6 driver
Aeotec TriSensor (ZWA005-A)
Aeotec Water Sensor 6 (Custom Driver)
Bali/Graber AutoView Blinds
Bali/Graber AutoView Standard Remote
BeSense 360 Ceiling Sensor (IX32)
BeSense Door/Window Sensor (IM20)
BeSense PIR Wall Sensor (IX30)
Danalock V3 (using Generic Z-Wave Lock driver)
Devlolo Home Wall Control Switch (Driver)
Dome Door Sensor
Dome Door/Window Sensor Pro
Dome Leak Sensor
Dome Mouser
Dome On/Off Plug
Dome Siren
Dome Water Shut-off
domitech Smart LED Light Bulb (using Generic Z-Wave Dimmer driver)
Ecolink Contact Sensor (DWZWAVE2.5-ECO)
Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor (TILT-ZWAVE2)
Ecolink PIR Motion
Ecolink Smoke/CO Audio Detector (FF-ZWAVE5)
Ecolink Wireless Rocker Switch
Ecolink Wireless Toggle Switch
EcoNet Controls EBV105-UMK Z-Wave Water Valve
Enerwave Motion Sensor
Enerwave ZWN-RSM1-PLUS (using Generic Z-Wave Smart Switch driver)
Enerwave ZWN-SC7 Scene Controller (custom driver)
Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Radiator Thermostat (TRV)
Everspring Contact Sensor (HSM02)
Everspring Illuminance Sensor (ST815) (custom driver)
Everspring Motion Sensor (HSP02)
Everspring Smoke Detector (SF813)
Everspring Temperature / Humidity (ST814)
Evolve Wall Mount Dimmer LRM-AS
Fibaro Original multi
Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGS-212) (custom driver)
Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 (FGDW-002)
Fibaro Double Relay (FGS-222) (custom driver)
Fibaro Flood Sensor
Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 (FGMS-001)
Fibaro RGBW (FGRGWM-441) (custom driver)
Fibaro Siren
Fibaro Single Switch 2
Fibaro Smart Implant FGBS-222 (custom driver)
Fibaro Wall Plug
FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Flood and Temperature Sensor FGFS-101 ZW5
Fibaro Z-Wave Plus Wall Plug with USB Charging Port FGWPB-121
Fibaro roller shutter 3 - FGR-223
First Alert Smoke & CO Alarm (ZCOMBO)
FOXX Project SmartSwitch Gen5 (custom driver)
GE In wall paddle switch
GE In wall dimmer switch
GE/Jasco Zwave Plus Dimmer Switch with Double Tap, Associations (custom driver)
GE In wall ceiling fan controller
GE Jasco switches
GE Smart Motion switch
GE Outdoor module
GE Smart Switch Dimmer
GE Smart Switch Outlet Plug-in
GE Smart Switch Outdoor
GE Smart Switch Toggle
GoControl Garage Door Controller
GoControl Glass Break Detector
GoControl Contact Sensor (Custom Driver)
GoControl Multifunction Contact Sensor (Custom Driver)
GoControl Thermostat GC-TBZ48(L) (built-in) and (advanced custom driver)
GoControl Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor (Linear WADWAZ-1) as Generic Z-Wave Contract Sensor
GoControl Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector (Linear WAPIRZ-1) as Generic Z-Wave Motion/Temperature Sensor
Hank Four-Key Scene Controller (HKZW-SCN04)
Hank One-Key Scene Controller (HKZW-SCN01)
Hank RGBW LED Bulb (HKZW-RGB01) (ootb and custom driver for fun modes)
HomePro Outdoor Appliance module (ZRP110)
HomeSeer HS-FC200+ Fan Controller (custom driver for all features)
HomeSeer HS-FLS100+ Zwave Plus Floodlight Sensor (Ported Driver) (Custom Driver)
HomeSeer Indicator Light Sensor (HS-FS100-L)
HomeSeer Perimeter Water Sensor (HS-FS100-W)
HomeSeer HS-WD200+ Dimmer (ootb and custom driver for all features)
HomeSeer HS-WV100+ Wireless Z-Wave Plus Water Valve - Using "Generic Z-Wave Valve"
HomeSeer HSM200 Multi-Sensor (custom driver)
Honeywell T6 Pro Thermostat TH6320ZW2003 (built-in) and (advanced driver)
Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat (TH8320ZW) (Using "Generic Z-Wave Thermostat")
Inovelli 1-Channel Smart Plug w/Scene (Custom Driver for advanced features or Basic functionality w/o)
Inovelli 1-Channel Outdoor Smart Plug (Custom Driver for advanced features or Basic functionality w/o)
Inovelli 2-Channel Smart Plug (Custom Driver)
Inovelli 2-Channel Outdoor Smart Plug (Custom Driver)
Inovelli In-Wall Dimmer(Custom Driver for advanced features or Basic functionality w/o)
Inovelli In-Wall Dimmer w/Scene(Custom Driver for advanced features or Basic functionality w/o)
Inovelli In-Wall Switch(Custom Driver for advanced features or Basic functionality w/o)
Inovelli In-Wall Switch w/Scene(Custom Driver for advanced features or Basic functionality w/o)
Inovelli Door/Window Sensor(Custom Driver for advanced features or Basic functionality w/o)
Inovelli Dimmer Smart Plug(Custom Driver for advanced features or Basic functionality w/o)
Inovelli Dimmer Smart Plug w/Scene(Custom Driver for advanced features or Basic functionality w/o)
Inovelli Smart Bulbs LZW41/LZW42 (Custom Driver)
Intermatic CA3500 Outlet
Intermatic CA600 Dimmer
Intermatic HA02 Appliance Module
Intermatic HA03 Lamp Module
Kwikset 888 5-button Deadbolt using "Generic Z-Wave Lock". Unclear documentation suggests it can also be Zigbee; untested
Kwikset 910/912 Lock
Kwikset Convert Z-Wave Smart Lock Conversion Kit (914 ZW500 CONVERT 15) using the "Z-Wave Generic Lock"
Leak Gopher Z-Wave Valve Control - Using "Generic Z-Wave Valve"
Leviton 4 Speed Z-Wave Fan Controller (ZW4SF) (Custom Driver)
Leviton Outlet Plugin
Leviton Duplex Outlet
Leviton Plug-in Appliance Module
Leviton Plug-in Dimmer Module
Leviton Smart Switch Toggle
Leviton Vizia RF+ Dimmer ( VRI06/VRI10)
Leviton Vizia RF+ Switch (VRS15)
Leviton Vizia RF+ Fan Speed Control (VRF01)
Linear Alarm
Linear Contact Sensor (WADWAZ-1)
Linear Dimmer (WD1000Z-1)
Linear Motion Sensor (WAPIRZ-1)
MCO Touch Panel Power Single/Double/Triple Switch (Driver for Triple) (Driver for Double) You will also need to import this
Monoprice Contact Sensor
Monoprice Z-Wave Plugin On/Off # 11995 (Using Generic Z-Wave Outlet)
Monoprice Z-Wave Plus PIR Motion Detector with Temperature Sensor # 15271 (Using Generic Z-Wave Motion/Temperature Sensor)
Monoprice Z-Wave Plus PIR Multi Sensor # 15902 (Using Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor)
Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door/Window Sensor # 15268 (Using Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor)
Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Shock Detector and Acceleration Sensor #15269 (custom driver)
Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug and Repeater with 2 USB Ports # 27481 (Using Zooz Power Switch)
Nexa AN-179 relay (AKA Everspring AN-179) ("Generic Z-Wave Switch" driver)
Nexa ZV-9101 dimmer (AKA Everspring ZV-9101) ("Generic Z-Wave Dimmer" driver)
Nexia One Touch NX1000 (Using Remotec ZRC DH)
Popp Wall Controller 009303 (Driver)
Popp Key Fob (Driver)
Qubino Z-Wave Plus ZMNHID3
Remotec ZFM-80 relay
Remotec ZRC-90US Button Controller (official and Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZV-1008 RGBW LED Controller (Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZW-1000 CCT LED Controller (Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZW-1001 Single Color LED Controller (Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZW-1002 RGBW LED Controller (Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZW-3001 Single Color Touch Panel (Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZW-3002 3 Scene Color Touch Panel (Official and Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZW-3003 3 Scene Color Touch Panel (Official and Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZW-3004 3 Zone Color Touch Panel (Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZW-3005 3 Zone Color Touch Panel (Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZW-3005 Color Temperature Touch Panel (Custom Driver)
RGBGenie ZW-4001 Micro controller and Lamp Module (Custom Driver)
Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (Custom Driver)
Ring Alarm Motion Sensor (Custom Driver)
Ring Alarm Range Extender Gen 1 (Custom Driver bcopeland and custom driver codahq)
Ring Alarm Range Extender Gen 2 (Custom Driver bcopeland and custom driver codahq)
Ring Alarm Smoke/CO Listener (Custom Driver)
Schneider connect
Sensative Strips Comfort (Temperature/Light Sensor)
Sensative Strips Drip (Temperature/Water Sensor)
Sensative Strips Guard (Contact Sensor)
Telldus Mini Plug-In Switch (TZWP-102) ("Zooz Power Switch" driver)
Telldus Outlet Switch
WADWAZ-1 Contact Switch - Works using Generic Z-Wave Contact Switch - additional features via link
WaterCop Shut-Off Valve
Wink Door / Window Sensor (custom driver)
Wink Motion Sensor (custom driver)
Wink Siren and Chime (WINK-SIR1) (discovered as Dome Siren)
Wintop/Zipato Contact Sensor (Custom Driver)
Wireless Smoke Detector (ZWN-SD)
Z-Wave.Me Wall Controller (WALLC) 1 & 2 (Driver)
Zipato Z-Wave RFID Keypad (Custom driver)
Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor (ZSE40)
Zooz Central Scene Dimmer (ZEN22) (built-in) and (advanced driver)
Zooz Central Scene Dimmer (ZEN24) (built-in) and (advanced driver)
Zooz Central Scene Dimmer (ZEN27) (built-in) and (advanced driver)
Zooz Central Scene Switch (ZEN21) (built-in) and (advanced driver)
Zooz Central Scene Switch (ZEN23) (built-in) and (advanced driver)
Zooz Central Scene Switch (ZEN26) (built-in) and (advanced driver)
Zooz Motion/Light Sensor (ZSE09)
Zooz Motion Sensor (ZSE02)
Zooz Motion Sensor (ZSE18)
Zooz Power Switch (ZEN15)
Zooz Smart Plug (ZEN06)
Zooz Water Valve (Custom Driver)
ZWP Dimmer
ZWP Switch

Zigbee Devices

Adurosmart ERIA Motion Sensor (using ERIA Motion Sensor)
Aqara SIngle Gang DUal Switch (custom driver)
Aurora Dimmer (custom driver with Presence)
AlertMe Power Clamp (custom driver)
AlertMe Smart Plug SPG100 (custom driver)
BlitzWolf BW-IS2 Contact Sensor (Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor)
BlitzWolf BW-IS3 Motion Sensor (custom driver)
BlitzWolf BW-IS4 Temperature Humidity Sensor (Sonoff Temperature Humidity Sensor with Presence or Konke Temperature Humidity Sensor)
BlitzWolf BW-IS5 Water Leak Sensor (Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor)
Bosch Motion Sensors
Centralite Contact Sensor
Centralite Multi Sensor
Centralite Moisture Sensor
Centralite Outlet Plug-in
Centralite Perl Thermostat
Cree Smart Bulb
eCozy Thermostat / TRV (custom driver)
Enerwave Duplex outlet
GE Link Bulb
GE Smart Switch
GLEDOPTO 12W Dual white and color Zegbee bulb (GL-B-008ZS)(Generic RGBW Bulb Driver)
GLEDOPTO RGB+CCT LED Strip Light(mini usb controller with the Generic driver) ‪
Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan (official and custom driver)
Hive Active Plug (UK Only) (custom driver)
Hue Dimmer (custom driver)
Hue Lux
Hue strip, bloom and Living Colors Lights
Hue Motion Sensor
Innr SP 224 Smart Plug ("Generic Zigbee Outlet" or Iris custom driver)
IKEA Trådfri Bulb E14 CT
IKEA Trådfri Outlet (Outlet only. IKEA remote not supported) (official and custom driver with Presence)
IKEA Trådfri GU10
IKEA Trådfri E27
IKEA Trådfri Driver for wireless control 10w
IKEA Trådfri Repeater (official and custom driver with Presence)
Innr GU10 Spot White Bulb
Innr GU10 Tunable White Bulb
Innr B22 Colour Bulb
Innr B22 Tunable White Bulb
Innr B22 White Bulb
Innr E27 Colour Bulb
Innr E27 Tuneable White Bulb
Innr E27 White Bulb
Innr E14 Colour Bulb
Innr E14 Tuneable White Bulb
Innr E14 White Bulb
Iris Appliance modules
Iris Fobs and Buttons (presence included)
Iris Contact Sensor
Iris Motion Sensor
Iris Plug-in module with Zwave repeater (official and custom driver with Presence)
Iris security Keypad (also Comcast keypad)
Keen Home Smart Vent
Konke Button (custom driver)
Konke Temperature & Humidity Sensor (custom driver)
Ledvance Smart+ ZB Plug UK (Generic Zigbee Switch driver)
LIDL Smart Plug (Tuya TY-HG06337) (custom driver)
LIDL Smart Extension (Tuya TY-HG06338) (custom driver)
Lux KonoZ Thermostat
NanoLeaf Ivy Bulb
NUE 1-gang Switch (official and custom driver with Presence)
NUE 2-gang Switch (official and custom driver with Presence)
NUE 3-gang Switch (official and custom driver with Presence)
NUE Dimmer (official and custom driver with Presence)
NYCE contact sensor
NYCE Motion sensor (ceiling and wall)
NYCE Hinge contact sensor NCZ3010
Orbit hose valve timer
Osram BR
Osram Smart+ Classic E27 Multicolor
Osram Smart+ Indoor Flex RGBW
PEQ Appliance Modules
PEQ Moisture Sensor
PEQ Motion Sensor
PEQ contact sensors
Philips Bridge
Philips Color Bulbs
Philips White Bulbs
Philips Iris
Philips Bloom
Philips RGBW strips
Philips Dimmer button controller
GE Quirky Outlink2
GE Quirky Water Leak Sensor (custom driver)
Securifi Outlet Plugin (Peanut Plug)2
Securifi Sensors - link
Sengled Element Plus Color Bulb (using Generic Zigbee RGBW Light)
Sengled Smart Light Switch (custom driver)
Sinopé Zigbee TH112XZB (official and Custom driver with outside temp and screen dimming)
Smartenit HA Dual-Relay Controller ZBLC15 (4033A) (using Generic Zigbee Outlet)
SmartPower Outlets
SmartSense Motion Sensors
Smartthings Appliance Modules
Smartthings Contact Sensors
Smartthings Moisture Sensor (using Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor)
Smartthings V1 & V2 & V3 & V5 (IM6001-MTP02) Motion Sensor (using Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor)
SmartThings V1 & V4 Multi Sensor
SmartThings V2 & V3 Presence Sensor
SmartThings ThingShield (custom driver)
Sonoff BASICZBR3 (using Zue Zigbee Switch or custom driver with Presence)
Sonoff Button SNZB-01 (custom driver with Presence)
Sonoff Contact Sensor SNZB-04 (custom driver with Presence)
Sonoff Motion Sensor SNZB-03 (custom driver with Presence)
Sonoff Temperature & Humidity Sensor SNZB-02 (custom driver with Presence)
Spotify Garden spot lights
Spruce Soil Moisture Sensor (Custom Driver)
Stelpro Maestro Thermostat (custom driver)
Stelpro Ki Thermostat (Zigbee version) (custom driver)
Sylvania RBG Bulb (lightify/osram)
Sylvania Garden Spot (lightify/osram)
SYLVANIA SMART+ ZigBee Indoor Smart Plug part # 72922 (use iris plug DH or custom driver with Presence)
Sylvania 2 button dimmer controller
Tuya 1-gang and 2-gang dimmer modules (custom driver)
Tuya TRV TS0601 (custom driver)
Xbee (Zigbee versions) as routers and tracing Zigbee network (custom driver with Presence)
Tuya Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor ST-TH01 (Generic Zigbee Motion/Humidity Sensor)
Tuya Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor Built in Siren (
Tuya Air Sensor (5-in-1) - link
Xiaomi / Aqara Cube (works with model MFKZQ01LM) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi / Aqara Contact Sensor (works with model MCCGQ01LM & MCCGQ11LM) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi / Aqara Motion Sensor (works with model RTCGQ01LM & RTCGQ11LM) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Curtain Motor (works with models ZNCLDJ11LM & ZNCLDJ12LM) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Plug/Wall Outlet (works with models ZNCZ02LM & QBCZ11LM) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi / Aqara Temperature & Humidity Sensor (works with model WSDCGQ01LM, WSDCGQ11LM & Keen RS-THP-MP-1.0) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi / Aqara Vibration Sensor (works with model DJT11LM) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi / Aqara / Opple Button/Switch/Remote (works with models WXKG01LM, WXKG11LM (2015 & 2018), WXKG12LM, WXKG02LM (2016 & 2018), WXKG03LM (2016 & 2018), WXCJKG11LM, WXCJKG12LM & WXCJKG13LM) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi / Aqara Wall Switch (works with various models, see the Release Post) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi / Aqara Water Leak Sensor (works with model SJCGQ11LM) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Light Sensor - Zigbee 3.0 (works with model GZCGQ01LM) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi Smoke Detector (works with model JTYJ-GD01LM/BW) (custom driver with Presence)
Xiaomi / Aqara unsupported legacy drivers by @veeceeoh for most of the above Xiaomi/Aqara devices (custom drivers)
Xiaomi and Aqara Smart Plug - lumi.plug (custom driver)
Zen Thermostat

Lutron Devices

Caséta Switches and Dimmers
Caséta SmartBridge Pro (multiple supported)
Pico Remotes (2, 4 and 5 button)
RadioRA 2 Select
RadioRA 2 Keypads
RadioRA 2 Motion Sensors
RadioRA 2 Main Repeater
RadioRA 2 Switches and Dimmers
Serena Shades
Sivoia QS Shades

LAN Devices

Amazon Echo
Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32 SmartThings ThingShield (custom driver)
BleBox devices (custom drivers) (custom app)
BOND Home - (custom app & drivers)
Denon HEOS Speakers - (custom app & driver)
Enphase Envoy Solar Monitoring - custom Driver
Envisalink (DSC) (Vista)
ESP8266 (custom firmware, app and driver with Presence)
Ethernet controller Unbranded 8-Relay (HHC-N-8I8O) - custom driver
Green Mountain Grill Smokers (custom driver)
IoTaWatt Energy Monitor (custom driver)
Kohler DTV+ (custom driver & app, a few features require cloud access)
LG Smart TV 2012+ (Netcast & WebOS) (custom app & driver)
Logitech Harmony Hub (custom driver)
Magic Home Wifi (aka Flux/Magic Hue...) (Custom Drivers)
Nanoleaf Aurora Light Panels
Neptune Systems Apex - link
Neurio/PwrView Home Energy Monitor - link
Optoma UHD51A (and any that implement the same protocol) Projector (custom driver)
Rheem EcoNet Communicating Thermostats (custom driver) (No longer works)
Rheem EcoNet Tankless Water Heaters (custom driver) (No longer works)
Roku TVs (custom driver)
Roku TVs + App Launcher (custom driver & app)
Sharp Aquos TV (custom driver)
Shelly WiFi Garage Door Opener (custom driver)
Sinope hub-based Thermostats (custom driver)
SmarLife H801 & Arilux RGBW Controllers (custom firmware, app, driver)
Sonoff Wifi Devices (custom firmware, app and driver with Presence)
Sonos Speakers
Tasmota Devices (custom firmware, app and driver with Presence)
Tesla PowerWall - link
Tuya Devices based on ESP8266 (custom firmware, app and driver with Presence)
UK:Lightwwave RF (custom driver)
Unifi Controllers - link
Venstar Thermostat (custom driver)
Wink Relay (custom driver)
WLED Light via MQTT (custom driver)
Xiaomi Yeelight Ceeling4 (FW:2.1.8 and up)
Xiaomi Yeelight Color6 (FW:2.1.8 and up)
Yamaha Receivers (custom driver)

Cloud Devices

Abode Alarm (custom driver)
Blink Cameras - link
Ecobee (supported driver) and Ecobee Suite (custom apps and driver)
Honeywell WiFi Thermostat (custom driver)
IFTTT (official integration)
Join Api Notification Driver custom driver
Kwikset Kevo (custom app & driver)
LIFX (custom driver)
Litter-Robot Connect (custom app & driver)
Mitsubishi Electric WiFi Adaptors - MELView (Aus/NZ), MELCloud (Europe) and KumoCloud (U.S.) - Unified Thermostat Drivers (does not include IntesisHome adaptors)
Nest (custom driver)
Pushbullet (custom driver)
Pushover Notifications
Ring Chimes, Ring Doorbells, Ring Cameras, all Ring Smart Lighting Devices, all Ring Alarm Devices (unofficial) (custom app and drivers)
SensorPush Temperature and Humidity Sensors with Gateway (Custom Drivers)
Slack Notifications (Custom Drivers)
TankUtility Propane Tank Monitoring - link
Twilio Notifications (custom driver)

Apps and Driver Collections

BPTWorld Apps and Drivers - link
Cobra Apps and Drivers - link -- free to use, but not open source
Hubitat Community GitHub - link
Hubitat User created Apps & Drivers - link
Krlaframboise Apps and Drivers - link

Integration Drivers

Broadlink RM/RM Pro/RM Mini Manager - link
Insteon Direct PLM Driver - link
Insteon HTTP Driver (Node.js server required) - link
RC HVAC Manager for Broadlink - link

Presence Drivers

iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor - link
HTTP Presence Sensor - link
Improved Mobile Presence (Android only) - Link
Unifi Controller - Has presence detection feature - link

Weather Drivers

Ambient Weather driver - link
Ambient Weather API - link
Ecowitt GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway (does not require a cloud service)
Ecowitt GW1000 (including data from at least WH32, WH51, and WS-2902A sensor array) using "Ecowitt Local" setting of AmbientEcowittWeather and WeatherSensorChild drivers (
Meteobridge/Weatherbridge - link
Multiple Weather Services - Supports US Weather . gov, UK/Australia Met Office, OpenWeather's OpenCall, Weather API, Weather Underground, and World Weather Online - link
Open WeatherMap - link
PurpleAir Air Quality Sensor - link
Weather Dot gov - link
Weather Display - link
Weather Switch - link
Weewx Weather Driver - link
Weather Underground - (requires your PWS sending data to WU to get "free" api) - [Updated] Weather Underground Driver - New API
WeatherFlow - Tempest link, API link


1 Manually change the driver to generic Z-Wave Switch
2 Manually change the driver to generic Zigbee outlet

Searchable database of devices and drivers
Aeotec Multisensor 6
physicalgraph.zigbee.clusters.iaszone.ZoneStatus (Bosch Motion ISW-ZPR1-WP13)
Generic Zwave Moisture Sensor
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Greenwave Powernode 5/6 extension driver

Thank you for maintaining this list. It will be very helpful to new and existing users.


Which driver should be used for the ST “Smart Outlet” Model number: F-OUT-US-2? It pairs as a “device” by default. I’m assuming “generic zigbee outlet” is probably the best choice?

Added Sensative Strips Guard - works out of the box with Generic Contact Z-Wave Sensor driver

  • deviceType: 3
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x30,0x70,0x71,0x5A,0x85,0x59,0x80,0x84,0x73
  • deviceId: 3
  • manufacturer: 410

Does anyone know if the power meter works as well for this device?

I can only confirm that the power meter reporting won't work if the Peanut Plug's firmware hasn't been updated.

The Aeon micro switches are on the list, but has anyone tried the Aeon nano switches and/or dimmers?

Yes they work with the generic zwave drivers, we don't have the fingerprints for them yet, so they will be discovered as a device, then you just change the driver.

Thanks Mike. I can probably get you the fingerprints, as I have a couple in service on SmartThings and have another one in a box to add.

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What do you have in your house? I thought is was Nano switches, but obviously I'm mistaken.

I'm using the micros, I have one nano i purchased for a fan that for whatever reason blew up 2 micros, but to be honest since they require an extra hot lead I don't like them.

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Not sure I understand what you mean by extra hot lead. Only one hot shown in the diagram here and the ability to work w/o neutral is a nice feature.

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I understand now. I was linked to the dimmer page, not the switch. Dimmer only needs two line inputs when a bypass is required, Now I see that the switch always does need two line inputs for 120~240v loads, because of their unique ability to handle a 24vdc load without requiring a different module that isn't backward compatible with mains voltages.

I don't see aeotech smart switch 6 listed. I have a bunch of them, are they supported?

Which I have a couple of these

I also don't see the new fibaro wall plug I have these as well.

Anyone using these yet?
Built in or custom?

I am using a Fibaro wall plug FGWPB-121 about half way down the list.
Sorry not home so I am not sure which DH I used.

Thanks, it's listed as built in so I will give it a try. I missed that one.

I got one last week and paired fine... as a device I believe. Tried the Aeon Outlet, didn't work. I also have the Dome Smart Switch and so I tried that DH on the Aeon... and it's working!

It's on my washing machine to notify us of "Done". The Dome is on the dryer.

Which model? Aeon and Aeotec are the same company so not sure which one you mean.

Is Dome rated for the dryer? I would be careful with that one. I know Fibaro is rated for high Amp devices as is the Zooz Heavy Duty appliance switch but not sure about Dome. The dome I know about is for small appliances and rated for 13Amp, 0.13W

Gas Dryer.

energy : 1.80
energyCost : 0.38
energyDuration : 11.18 Days
power : 0.00
powerH : 11.03
powerL : 0.00
status : on
switch : on

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