Wyze Lock (Bluetooth and Zigbee?)

Just saw that the new Wyze lock was announced: Wyze Lock. I was prepared to be disappointed with yet another proprietary, WiFi-only device, but surprisingly, the specs say it uses Bluetooth and Zigbee. I'd obviously be OK without the Bluetooth, but I'm assuming they used both so people could either manipulate it directly via their phone and the Wyze app or use cloud features with their Bridge (which according to their limited docs uses Zigbee and not Bluetooth for...I guess better range? some Bridges do use BT, like MySmartBlinds).

In any case, if it's ZHA 1.2 or (likely at this point) Zigbee 3.0 and doesn't use some oddball Zigbee profile, maybe there's a chance of it working with Hubitat. Unlike the Schlage Connect (which I love...most of the time), this one is just a replacement for the interior portion (so more like a Kevo Convert, which I also like but obviously does not have a keypad, which Wyze is supposed to also be coming out with soon--how will that work with this? who knows). This would be a cheap option for those who don't want a full-blown lock and keypad at prices that match. :slight_smile:


Wow. Depending on how that performs, it sounds like it's going to be a good price for a lock. If anyone here gets one, let us know how it handles!


I'm getting mixed responses from other customers in the live chat they just had going on and staff didn't respond officially, so I'm still not sure--but I did some searching and found it here as Zigbee 3.0: Zigbee Certified Products | Zigbee Alliance. I also pre-ordered one (Bluetooth can't be that bad for a side door if I really need it...I backed Lockitron v2 back in the day and can't possibly see myself regretting anything more than that), so we'll see when it comes. :slight_smile:


I'm confused the spec says Bluetooth and zigbee but the top says Bluetooth and wifi?

According to some of the folks at r/wyzecam on Reddit, here's the scoop:

It's Bluetooth to phones
It's zigbee beween the lock and the gateway/bridge
It's WiFi between the gateway/bridge and the WiFi router

(Edited to use the term bridge instead of gateway)

The Bridge connects to Wi-Fi, I think, and that is where that fits in. It is indeed confusing, but I assume they're trying to appeal to the masses here with well known terms and not much detail.

Wyze is on a roll. To think they just started off by rebranding a Xiaomi camera with their own firmware..


The prices are definitely right. A bit of a black eye with the recent Xnor.ai kerfuffle. Hope that gets resolved fairly quickly and we don’t suffer with worse person detection that we have now.


Yeah, that hurts. My person detection has gotten pretty accurate. So much so, I'd even considered subscribing to the Complete Motion service.

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The way they phrased that announcement, it sounds like if you just don’t upgrade your firmware, then they can’t shut off your person detection. Which would make sense because that runs local.

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That's the way I read it too. Do they have the ability to push anything to us? I hope not!


Only the notifications that new firmware is available :smiley:

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Wirecutter just listed the Wyze as something they'll be testing (The Best Smart Lock for 2019: Reviews by Wirecutter). It seems like the auto-unlock will be similar to August Pro using geofence as phase 1 and bluetooth connection as phase 2 (which I've had good luck with). It also has an open door sensor. At $90 with gateway, seems like a good deal. It will be interesting to see more after it ships. One thing I miss on the August Pro is being able to easily temporarily disable auto-lock (either until the door is reopened or via Alexa). If I'm going out to work in the garage, it's a pain to turn it off in the app or have to use the app to unlock.

With Auto-Unlock your door automatically unlocks when you come home. This works by using your phone’s location to detect when you’re coming back and unlocking when your phone is close enough to connect to Wyze Lock via Bluetooth.

Replying to stay up to date on this. Very interested after watching the youtube video on the lock.

Pretty cool video.

I own one and good luck getting it to work with habitat. I was able to connect it however it was seen three times (Instances) by the Hub. Not sure if it was picking up the locks hub as well, but In any case it’s going to take some fiddling at best and it may not work at worst.

I’ve only had this thing an hour and I’m already missing home assistant. Sitting here looking at our raspberry pi 4 which cost less than this habitat, and seems like it can do so much more.

I don’t understand why this is so difficult, I have a consulting corporation that’s about to be auto shut down by the state of New Hampshire because I can’t get a goddamn contract from a company that won’t steal from me, and it seems like all of these companies need a little bit of product consulting.

I’m sure they’ll want it free, correction actually I had to pay to get it because I had to pay for the box.

First off, welcome to Hubitat.

Are you saying that you can control the lock from the Hubitat device page? Or that you got it to pair with Hubitat as a zigbee "device"?

No I’m saying the exact opposite, it will find the device, it will install it, however it will not work as of now, I’m still trying to play with it and see if I can get something for Work on the backend. I have to look to see if I can add code to habitat like I do with Home Assistant. Just got a Hubitat a few hours ago in the mail so I am brand new using this hub.

I set up Home Assistant without issue, and I know a thing or two about programming. Certainly not some expert however I was doing it years ago for the government. Probably forgot more than I know now however I can get by. Hopefully I can figure out something to make these locks work because in Home assistant I can pretty much do whatever I need to do with custom code; here it seems a little bit more limited, however admittedly I am brand new at using Hubitat and haven’t even had time to finish poking around with most of the set up so I’m going to reserve any further comments until I have a better chance to play with things.

I’ll let you know if I get things working.

I may be getting somewhere or using the generic zigbee driver. Will update tonight.

Welcome to Hubitat! For the best experience, I'd recommend sticking to devices from the compatible device list. You'll note that the Wyze Lock is not on there, nor does Wyze officially support it with anything besides their own Wyze Bridge/Gateway. That being said, you can make most Zigbee (HA 1.2 or 3.0) or Z-Wave devices work with Hubitat or at least pair, but some may need a custom driver or other trickery to work.

The Wyze Lock is, as far as I can tell, one of that latter kind; while Zigbee, I could get it to pair, but the Generic Zigbee Lock driver on Hubitat only partially worked, as both I and someone else noted in another thread here:

I was not able to figure out anything more (someone with more talent Zigbee probably could, and we could do even better by encouraging Wyze to give Hubitat staff what they need to add official support). Note that once you change to this driver, as your recent edit appears you've done, be sure to click "Configure" to send the correct configuration to the device (for Zigbee, this mostly affects what data it reports back).

Hubitat supports custom app (automation) and driver (device) code, the latter of which is similar to HASS's Zigbee "Quirks" for ZHA/Zigbee 3.0 devices like this, but it still requires knowing how the device works--sometimes that is often not public information if the device differs from standards or even conventions. HASS and Hubitat are more or less equally capable here aside from the fact that Hubitat is a commercial product with the hub software itself being closed-source.

I have a spare one of these laying around (by which I mean I didn't like it and replaced it with a Z-Wave lock instead...) but could take a look to see if anything has changed recently.

OK well this company is on the list of approved items so apparently they are working with Hubitat however no one bothered adding the temperature and humidity sensor so apparently that doesn’t work either. I just looked over the list of compatible devices there’s less than 50 on there. Why the hell would I spend $140 on a box that’s limited to about 50 devices. I don’t understand this everyone’s said home assistant was so much more difficult to set up I had zero issues, I came over to this because I was worried about updates screwing up my setup as I no longer have time to be a full-time system admin on my house. It’s incredible that this company broke off from Samsung trying to come up with the perfect box and yet all they did was mirror Samsung and make it off-line. It’s the same garbage that Samsung did too. It’s ironic to see the same failures coming out of the same development team, which is now proving the point that it’s not all big corporations that are the problem but it’s their people who are developing the products as well.

This thing is $150 box that can do significantly less then a $60 raspberry pi. You talk about it being commercialized, while I expect a hell of a lot more from a commercial product that’s $150. There shouldn’t be any issues, it should just connect to Z wave and Zigbee devices without issue. That’s what we’re paying for in a commercial product. Home assistant is free and has so much better integration. Where is live map option For life 360, tile, or even the mobile app? Hass I can set up the ability to track my family members, and they can track me all from one simple map that took a few button clicks to set up. All I can see here is presence, I don’t see the option to add my life 360 account for anything other than that. Why can’t I had a live map? I can do it in Home Assistant.

I saw one of the first posts here from a few years ago people screaming for money, to buy more hubs, to support the company. What were they doing with the money. If this was my project this would be significantly different, do you want to make a commercial alternative to smart things you should have fix the problems with smart things. I just love how the free community alternative that can be run on a junk computer or a virtual machine is so much easier to set up, and works with more devices. That was the whole point of going with Hubitat so that I didn’t have some crazy issue setting this thing up, and it would work with everything Zigbee and Z wave. I just don’t understand this thing is limited to whoever they’ve partnered with, and even that’s a crapshoot because this company that does my temperature and humidity sensor works with them, they have a bunch of devices listed, but not this one. So I’m going to buy another ridiculously overpriced hub, and be stuck using it with whatever they tell me? Sounds like another Logitech Harmony scam, the whole point of this hub was it was supposed to unify everything not just be another expensive box I don’t need attached to my system.

Even the hue integration is awful.

Edit it because Siri voice typing & autocorrect is as terrible as the Device integration with this box.

Edit three I can only imagine what’s going to happen when I try to attach my robot vacuum. I’m already infuriated with this garbage, will be checking the return policy because this is not intuitive, this is not easy, and this is not a ready for the public commercial product.

In fact I can’t believe I’m saying this and it’s a complete and utter testament to how far home assistant has come, Home assistant is actually easier. It blows my mind because it certainly is not user-friendly, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have programming skills, but Home assistant is easier than Hubitat. Just two years ago I would have avoided like the plague, I can’t actually believe I’m defending it. I had such high hopes, and there was a gut feeling that told me not to go with this habitat. I’m so glad I didn’t return the Z wave/Zigbee dongle for my raspberry pi. I just set that up last week so I know exactly what it took to set up, And it was nothing compared to this nonsense. Every device I attached to it just worked and if it didn’t there was some custom code that I just pasted in there, and it worked fine. That doesn’t seem to be the case with habitat.