Wemo switch and insight smart plug

Hello, will get my hub shortly an need to start looking on support for several devises as WEMO SWITCH AND INSIGHT SMART PLUG. Thanks.

I have a number of demo devices as well but haven’t been successful in porting over yet. Mostly because I’m not sure how to overcome the smartapp discovery process…

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So I’ve made a good bit of progress with this - others may be way ahead of me though. I ported over the discovery app and have it able to search, identify and add devices for several different Wemo device types including Insight, Light Switch, Dimmer and even Maker.

I have really focused on the dimmer device code and have it able to execute commands successfully and update status upon refresh. I’m a little stuck w/ real time updates though when triggered outside of Hubitat and that is where I am focused now.

@chuck.schwer has been a great help in keeping me inline and has some working code as well with the simple port over of code from ST.

I have a WeMo switch and Insight as well.
Instead of me re-inventing the wheel, would you care to share your code and what you did to get these working with HE,

Did you ever make any progress here? That’s pretty much where I ended up with my own WeMo efforts - I can control devices, but I’m not getting updates from the switch.

Would you mind sharing your code please.

Service manager:

Switch driver:

Thanks for this.
Discovered my Switch and Insight OK.
Need a DH for the Insight now.
Not important though as I use it to turn off/on my hubs via the WeMo app should things go pear shaped.

There are more drivers here that could be ported: GitHub - SmartThingsUle/Wemo.

I’ve installed the drivers and the app code. I then installed the app and the app discovered my devices and I checked the devices and they show as selected in the wemo connect app. However, I don’t see those devices In the hubutat device list and they don’t show on RM or other app lists to select. What am I missing?

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Anyone have any success with discovering their devices yet? I have a WeMo insight and have had no luck getting the devices to appear in the device list.

Do the hub logs show anything for the WeMo app when you click ‘Done’? (That’s when new devices would be created.)

Similar question – what does the hub log show when you have the WeMo connect app open? It should show a series of device discovery messages every 5 seconds or so.

I am getting the same thing.
The WeMo Switch shows up but the WeMo Insight does not.
It does show that it has found both devices.
Not a big concern for me as my Insight powers my hubs and I only use it to power them up and down remotely via the WeMo app.

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Hmmm…didn’t you say it was discovering both of those devices before? Although, even if the Connect app discovered the Insight switch it couldn’t do anything with it (unless you’ve installed an Insight driver).

Probably me causing confusion.
When you click on discover devices, it does discover it.
When I looked in the device list, it did not appear. Only the switch.

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Ah, ok. So, the Connect app (mine, at least) doesn’t understand Insight switches yet, only the basic switch and motion sensor, so although those will show up in the list of found WeMo devices, the app won’t create Hubitat devices for them.

I can tweak it to support more drivers, and to be a bit more clear about what it supports. Really, that driver needs a bit of cleanup (it borrows heavily from the ST WeMo Connect app, and some of the code is no longer used).

After installing the app I was able to discover the WeMo Insight. I added the DH into the devices too and changed the code accordingly to support hubitat. The app sees the WeMo but does not create the device.

The Connect app currently only knows about Switch and Motion drivers. It’s not just a matter of adding other drivers to Hubitat; the Connect app itself also needs to be modified to know the possible namespaces and names of the available drivers.

Here is what the log is showing:

. So is it a problem with the DH?