hi gurus, I'm in Victoria just need some advice please I’ve listed these devices by the technologies just need to know what will work with Hubitat hub, what additional things I might need and what don’t I need for these things to work. The Samsung Smart things looks like a US model as it has an aussie adapter(not sure if it’s worth keeping or just sell off). The grid connect and brilliant I’m hoping to flash as they as tuya/smart life. The Bauhn - Aldi switch has a remote control frequency of 433.92 MHZ so I’m assuming both hand held remote and hub use that frequency The last two small white devices look like some sort of motion and ? sensors but I’ve got no idea what brand


Hi Mate,

None of those devices are natively supported, except for maybe the lightify bulb (if it is using zigbee protocol). There are community integrations/drivers for the tuya (if you can get the firmware flashed on the arlec / brilliant stuff, as well as for the harmony hub. Broadlink RF has community methods of using as well, but generally relies on a third party android app / server to interface. The US smartthings hub wouldn't be all that useful (and also illegal due to z-wave frequency issues) if you have hubitat. You could disable the Z-Wave on it, use hubconnect if there are cloud integrations in SmartThings that you wish to use. It looks like the older hub though, I probably would skip it.



Thank Glenn, what about the wemo bulbs they are zigbee yeah? I just added a pic of an Osram bulb the didn’t upload first go

Unsure on Wemo, do a forum search maybe. Generally speaking Zigbee on hubitat is a mixed bag if you intend on mixing bulbs and sensors together due to the way the lights have limited repeating capability.

Typically, we use zigbee lights either via an external bridge/hub (i.e. Philips Hue/2nd Hubitat Hub/Smartthings zigbee hub) or bulbs that don't repeat such as Sengled. Alternatively you can replace / adapt the light switches themselves (depending on neutral wires), such as 3aSmartHome's zigbee switches, or z-wave modules from Fibaro/Aeotec/Qubino.


Does the Hue bridge work with other Zigbee bulbs, such as Lightify? I was about to add some hue bulbs and if I could move the Lightify bulbs to it...

the hue bridge uses zigbee light link (ZLL) so the bulbs need to use this or be zigbee 3.0 to work with hue.

Maybe look at this for Wemo intergration.
For the 433mhz you can use the Sonoff RF bridge flashed with Tasmota which I gather is what you will also use for the tuya items. There is a custom version of the firmware that works with hubitat here as well as the drivers. RF bridge drivers are here


Wemo bulbs will pair with HE using the generic bulb device drivers. But I retired them after a while for reasons relating to the drivers (I can't recall what the reasons were off the top of my head but something didn't work properly) so now the bulbs and the associated hub are consigned to the place where devices go to die (bottom of a drawer somewhere).

It works great with Ikea Tradfri bulbs!

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yeah seconded on the wemo bulbs, dont add them to your system.

@gbarton2, sorry mate, it looks like your going shopping so do yourself a favor and PLAN your Mesh’s (Zigbee and/or Zwave)
You’ll very likely need some ‘repeaters’ and make use of SEARCH to scour this forum. It’s a treasure trove of information so perhaps start with “compatible devices”
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