webCoRE for Hubitat Updates

At first glance, that looks like it should work to me. I would move the last IF to be before the Every Hour. It should work when the mailWaiting variable changes to true then stays that way for a minute. You could even change it to 15 seconds, as long as it's longer than the double close time.

I stand corrected !! I did move the code as you said and it worked perfectly !! Thats great as I didnt want to add an extra timer that ran all day.
Somehow I didnt think testing a variable would work the same as a device but works great.
Thanks again !!

sorry 1 more low priority q
I can specify a timer using hours units but I can't limit the hours that it runs...or I can specify using minutes units and CAN limit the hours it runs...but it doesn't let me specify when on the hour the timer will trip

how do i have a timer every hour on the hour between 1pm-10pm ?

I guess this works...but it seemed weird that wasn't part of the timer

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Another WC user converting from ST here. Currently all rules are in WC. My question that I swear I read somewhere but cannot find now is: for WC on HE, if I want to run WC locally on a Pi, is that it?

No further dependency on dashboard/staging.WebCoRE.co?

Truly local at that point?

What I think I read was a user set WC up local and firewall denied internet and he couldn’t get the browser auth code to work. It read like even though WC was local there was still a cloud dependency.


Please see notes 1, 2 of this thread. and

It should answer most of your questions

Thanks, lots of info to intake here. I did see in your reference above this note about local WC

Note that this is for webserving the IDE web pages, other webCoRE server functions (piston sharing, email, ifttt outbound, $nfl, store media still use the webCoRE servers)

I see nothing about the browser auth bits, so really the only other item for me is calling an IFTTT webhook.

That, as the note indicates, relies on WebCoRE servers? I did not know this. I would have expected the call to an IFTTT URL to be direct. Does this mean if/when *.WebCoRE.co gets axed those functions listed will cease?

TIA. While mulling over options to avoid the great ST Groovy deprecation event, learning that WC is available on another hub steered to HE. Awesome work to the crew that expanded on Ady’s already fantastic work.

you are correct that ifttt does send to iffttt from hubitat

So it is local. I'll adjust the doc

I am setting up WC now; it's working against the hosted dashboard. I've copied the dashboard directory from webCoRE/dashboard at hubitat-patches · imnotbob/webCoRE · GitHub to my local web server, but the pages load blank. Right-clicking to view source shows code so I know we're loading to some extent. Reverting the endpoint to the hosted page still works.

Was webCoRE/dashboard at hubitat-patches · imnotbob/webCoRE · GitHub the proper directory to load locally?

You might try:

  • ensure all instructions are followed
  • ensure settings are correct in main webcore
  • clear your browser caches and data, restart browser.

I'm not aware of any systematic issues in this.

  • ensure all instructions are followed :white_check_mark:
  • ensure settings are correct in main webcore :white_check_mark:
  • clear your browser caches and data, restart browser. :white_check_mark:

It seems the expectation was for the dashboard index.html file to sit in the www root. Probably true for 90% of users. In my case, I'm integrating it with an existing webserver so it's in a subdirectory. No matter what I did with .htaccess mod rewrite shenanigans it was not working without breaking something else. I figured I'd have to update all the paths to fix it but when I finally poked into index.html, line 4 has a base url attrib that I changed - bingo - that worked.

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I know that rule right now is not setup for what I want to do.
However, what I noticed is that if I use the variable for list of devices = Presence and provided list of devices to equal a value. All_presense = device1, Device2... Write a rule against. It doesn't seem to work. Every option and configuration keep showing true. I'm not sure if this is a bug or I'm just doing something wrong. I have used this same method with other device types without an issue.
All_precense are not Present, come up true; Which is false.
All_precense are Present, come up with true. Which I know False

I don't know if this is the correct place to post this. However, I thought this might be a good start.

Hi, I'm a huge webCoRE fan (150+ active pistons). For many months now, I've been having an issue with certain actions that use custom attributes. For example, if I want to set my Ecobee Fan Minimum On Time to a higher number when my air conditioner turns on, I will create a conditional statement and then attempt to add an action to change the custom variable setFanMinOnTime(). But when I attempt to add the task, it does not prompt me to complete the action with an expression or by assigning a custom value. I've attached a picture of an example where you can see that there is no option to assign the attribute a value. My workaround has been to copy previous action used in other pistons where I completed the value, paste them, and then just change the device. But now I have a new device type here that I've never written an action for, and I cannot copy and paste from another piston. Sorry if there is an obvious fix, but I've been driving myself a little crazy trying to figure this out. Should be obvious, but why the piston doesn't prompt me to complete the action with an expression or value is eluding me. Thoughts?

@jsarcone - it would have been better to start a new topic, but let me provide an example of a working piston and highlight some differences.

In the "define" block for variables:
Variable Type - Select the "device" data type. This will tell the piston that it contains device information. See the link to better explain what the "dynamic" variable type that is in your posted piston.

Once the variable is properly defined as "device" type, you will see different options available for the trigger/condition on line 50 (in your example). It should look more like this:

I hope this helps!

Sorry for dirtying the thread. Thank you for clarifying this for me. I will give it a try! Thanks.

what ecobee dh are you using? It would be good to see the command definition in that device handler

If you select the type of Parameter, it then gives you the option of Value, Expression, etc?


Yes! That's it. Thank you. I knew it would be something obvious. I thought I had tried all the various parameter options, but apparently not. Thanks again.

The driver could define the arguments better. If you let me know the driver, I can give you something to try in that.

This is a custom Ecobee driver created by a developer who I purchased some code from on SmartThings and has now ported his drivers and app over to Hubitat. It exposes much more of the Ecobee API than the native Hubitat app.