Webcore and Hubitat

Can someone explain or provide me a link (if any) that provides details on the Webcore-Hubitat operating model. Heres my assumption:

(1) Webcore is resident on my Hubitat hub - unlike ST, which lives on the ST Cloud
(2) The webcore IDE + all my pistons "initially" reside on some Webcore cloud
(3) Pistons are "saved" from the webcore cloud to my Hubitat hub

is this correct...?? If so i'm simply curious on how Webcore IDE provides up to the second updates on Piston execution times..



The webCoRE server is used to create/edit/delete pistons.
You can use an RPi as a server if you wish.

Correct, and they then run locally.


Wasn't there a release the other day that runs all of WC locally on HE now? I'm pretty sure that was the implication from the release notes. I'm only mentioning this because it doesn't look like this was mentioned above and it's very new. There might be more nuance it being local than that but the thread that contains this information and the subsequent fixes can be found here: webCoRE for Hubitat Updates - #1123 by c33jd13s3l

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You still need an RPi or something similar to run as a webCoRE server to replace the webCoRE server.

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The pistons are stored locally.

the cloud provides the web files for the IDE and a few services (like email).

You can run completely local, see note 2 of the webcore thread.

You can backup pistons to the cloud (and for sharing), local HE backups backup all pistons as they are stored on the HE hub.

I'm wondering if my OAuth token is the issue. I am able to install locally on a headless PI zero and have tried three different repos. The latest one is:

git clone https://github.com/imnotbob/webCoRE
git checkout hubitat-patches

Every time I run local, I see all of my pistons synced from dashboard.webcore.co but the devices never get synced on the local build. The device names turn into guids and never shows list of devices on local build?

Here is the same piston online:

Thanks for the info

thanks for this - its cleared up a lot of my confusion/assumptions