Using HE with with InfluxDB, Grafana, with InfluxDB Logger

Will try that now, thanks.
I will need to login to my debian server which I have not touched for quite some time now.

BETA TESTING: Docker install for InfluxDB and Grafana

For those interested, there is a docker setup for InfluxDB and Grafana HERE.

Basic instructions are on the page. Once you have the files in the location you wish, and edited the variables in the .ENV file, run docker compose up to start up servers (wait a few minutes as there is a lot for Grafana to download). Then configure InfluxDb Logger to point the InfluxDB server, and then go to your Grafana server. Once in Grafana, import the Hub Info Dashboard

If you are not familiar with docker the benefits can be the servers are already installed and ready to run, same install on each PC, easy backup of the data files, and server upgrades.

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