UK Smart Locks for UPVC doors

Anyone here tried the Ultion Smart lock (Danalock integrated into a UPVC handle) - if so did you go Z-Wave or ZigBee and why, I can get either version but unsure of the pros and cons of each.


Sorry, I know you asked about a specific type of smart lock, but in answer to your question about protocols from personal experience I’ve found Zigbee to be far more reliable than Z-Wave. Z-Wave can be a bit finicky depending on the parameters and DTH used, also I’ve had random erroneous messages sent via Z-Wave which has caused false readings.

Also Zigbee doesn’t have an EU/US variant (like Z-Wave) - one thing to watch out for, if you buy a Z-Wave device in the US it operates on a different frequency than the EU (and subsequently UK).

Thanks Guy, I became aware of the US / EU Z-Wave issue when I researched buying the hub, 3 days in to ownership now and debating if next purchased will be blinds or lock, I see Z-wave Danalock is natively supported in HE but see no mention of the Zigbee variant hence the question .

Yes that's what I was looking at but can't tell if the ZigBee version is supported in Hubitat

The third message in that thread from @darren.rockach indicates it works with Hubitat.

It does but does not mention if it has native support or uses 3rd party driver.

Just me wanting to know everything before I decide :slight_smile:

Just use the HE inbuilt 'Generic Zigbee Lock' driver. All works well apart from the previously mentioned minor issue when manually locking. This can be partially overcome by having a rule that periodically performs a refresh of the device if it causes you problems. Maybe the problem could be resolved in a future update......anyone?

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Thank you Darren, will get one ordered - do you have any issues with the lock and ZigBee repeaters ?

Mine repeats through an Ikea repeater without problems but whether this is the cause of the manual locking/updating issue I don't know. I know if I rediscover the lock it will report it's status correctly even when manually locked but after a couple of weeks or so it reverts to the non reporting status on manual operation again. Actually I'll do a rediscovery again now and see if it connects directly rather than via a repeater. I'll update shortly on my findings.

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Hmm so before I did the rediscovery I just checked the manual operation status update and it did update the status instantly. Maybe there has been an update that resolved the issue since I last tested.

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I have one zigbee mesh with ~50 non-standard Aqara devices and other ZHA 1.2 devices including locks. I also have ~15 zigbee repeaters on that mesh. Unlike many other reports, my Aqara devices have been largely stable - so I think that more repeaters tends to make the mesh more reliable.

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Cheers Darren

I only have a coupe of ZigBee devices but more on the way with a couple of Ikea repeaters so fingers crossed.

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UPDATE - the Ultion Lock and Keypad arrived today, fitted in literally 5 mins. Paired with HE instantly and added itself as a Device, changed manually to Generic Zigbee lock and all data is correct, lock control is very fast from the dashboard and manual locking / unlocking updates as it should.

They sent the wrong length lock barrel but all it took was 1 phone call and they are sending the correct one tomorrow FOC (and they dont want the old one back) so customer service looks good so far. I enable the voice locking via Alexa to Hubitat and its pretty quick.

So far I'm impressed - will monitor and update as appropriate.


Remember to NOT enable unlock via Alexa. Otherwise you might find a burglar talking through your letter box (I know you set a PlN but even so). Also you might want to not enable twist assist for a similar reason. It's a great lock. I've had it since launch and it's been totally reliable.

I turned all the Alexa stuff off as soon as I tested it :slight_smile: Twist assist is on but will knock it off as well, just added a ZigBee button to lock it and long press to unlock and placed it next to my chair in the front room.

Any advice on a multi-point lock? I am actually in Denmark, not UK, but I assume our needs, frequencies and protocols are pretty similar.

I considered the Yale Doorman series, but I read that it requires a subscription to work well, and I don't want to "subscribe" to my own damn front door... :slight_smile:

Mine is a multipoint lock - I have to raise the handle to lock the door but thats the norm here in the UK. I went for the Ultion Smartlock (Danalock V3 built into UK multipoint handle) works great but I find I use the Bluetooth keypad more than anything.

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Good feedback. Thanks.

It seems Yale is the only one to offer RF bricks. I am considering those bacsue it will allow my kids to get still get into the house even if they forget/loose their phone somewhere. I also already have a rather large metal plate around the lock and handle, so if I go with the Danalock I will need some other cover for the door, as I expect paint and wear to be very different underneath the current one (and painting the entire door seems like overkill).

Still, as features go, the Danalock seems like the better option. And they like open standards, which the Yale products apparently don't.

Doens anyone know if the Yale products can be used without a subscription service, but just connected to Hubitat?