Smart Locks in The UK

Hi has anyone bought or even looked at these locks

The claim to be compatible with Zigbee hubs anyone tried with HE....looks like they work with Smartthings.

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I looked at these and a little bit of research also led me to the fact they are just rebranded Dana locks, which are cheaper. So look there first.

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I have one and it works pretty well. The only problem I have is that after a week or so if I manually lock it using the thumb wheel the status doesn't update. Had the same issue with it when I used ST too. If you re-pair to the hub it'll then update the status but again after a week or two it will stop again. I just use either automation, dashboards or zigbee buttons to control it, all works perfectly that way. The handles are really neat and good quality and you are getting a proper secure lock too that you can also use good old fashioned keys in too. I have a hidden key safe that opens the garage where another hidden key safe houses the front door keys so if the batteries did just run out I can still get in the house.
Yes they are just a danalock but this is a much neater way of doing it and you get a good ultion lock with it too.

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Thanks to both of you...I'll put them on the possible list.


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Did you get one of these in the end? I;m starting to look at options...

I have a Zigbee Danalock, works very well - Customer service from Ultion in the UK is superb.

I am finding that my lock keeps falling off Hubitat which means I am unable to lock and unlock via a dashboard. Re-discovering brings it back temporarily - as anyone else experienced this?

Zigbee or z-wave?
I have the zigbee version and it's not failed once for me and I was one of the first to get one when they were first released. The only problem I seem to have is manual locking doesn't always sync the status to hubitat, had the same issue when I used ST too. Not a problem to me as I never manually lock it anyway. Maybe you need to put either a zigbee or z-wave repeater in-between the hub and the lock, build up your zigbee or z-wave network a bit.

I have the zigbee version and have an IKEA unit within a metre of the door, also have multiple IKEA plugs and sonoff devices.
I have Hue lights throughout the house and have heard these can cause issues?