Types of devices for Alexa Skill


Being new to hubitat can anybody help me with getting alexa to see devices, the alexa skill is activated and all that I have entered are showing up but not in alexa, up to now alexa sees a Osram bulb, virtual switches but not a smartthings multisensor or 2 ziaomi orignal motion sensors



The current Hubitat Alexa Skill does not support Motion sensors or Contact Sensors.

Numerous threads on this topic... :wink:


Is it only sensors or are there more types of devices that that do not work I tried a z wave flood sensor and that also failed



Switches and Dimmers work. I think that's really all that works at this time. Also, I am not sure that Alexa even supports leak sensors whatsoever.

[Updated to remove Thermostats per @doug's response below.]


Thermostats through HE do not work, AFAIK


I use a Alexa skill for node red that allows me to control my thermostat through hubitat maker api. A bit of work to setup. But does the job well.