Amazon Adding Contact and Motion Capability’s to Echo


This is great news. Hopefully the skill will pick them up too so we can do things alike ask Alexa if a window is open.

Alexa says

I just tried this with a contact sensor on Smartthings (I’m in the uk so alexa skill doesn’t exist for hubitat)
I ask:
“Alexa, is the back door open”

She replies:
“Smartthings says the back door is closed”

I ask:
“Alexa, is the back door open or closed”

She replies:
“Hmmm... I don’t know that one”

Hey! It’s a start! :slight_smile:


With a little effort Alexa will do this for you and more now.


I’m in Canada. Same situation. So I ended up changing all my Echo device over to a US account and now I have access to all the fun skills.

It was actually extremely easy. Just created a new account, removed the echos from the old account and added it to this account.


Unfortunately we use amazon prime music a lot.
I would think I would have to pay for prime again if I created a second account just for the echos

Good idea though



Ya. We have prime music with our account as well but the song selection is so limited it was worthless.

Most of our music playing is done using airplay from our phones to speakers around the house so we don’t miss prime.


Hey! I’m a limited kinda guy :slight_smile:


I am not able to get any motions or contacts discovered even though I included them in the Alexa Skill. I am in US. Does this work with the HE skill or only ST?


The HE skill probably needs an update to get this working.


@bravenel @patrick I assume you are working to update the HE skill to include sensors correct? I can add them to the app but they aren’t discovered.


I would also very much like to see the Alexa Skill updated to support Amazon’s recent API enhancements.


I've just done the same here in the UK! I was surprised how much more functionality suddenly became available in Alexa, such as unlocking locks via a verbal PIN code.


There is so much more such as household profiles, hands free Alexa on your fire tablets, follow up mode, being able to ask Alexa on the tablet to show you you Wyzecam and ring video feeds.

I don’t know why some of this stuff is not rolled out globally but now I don’t feel like I’m missing out.


Curious as to why you've marked this SOLVED, when Hubitat has not yet updated their Alexa Skill to include the new Contact Sensor and Motion Sensor capability yet? (unless I am missed that announcement?)

I am glad you've found a workaround to not having the Hubitat Alexa Skill in your country yet. I just want to make sure the Hubitat team is still working on adding this new Alexa functionality to their Alexa Skill soon! :slight_smile:


I can't wait for this integration. This opens up a new level of smarthome for sure.


I must have accidentally hit it on my last reply. It’s definately not solved.


I am also very interested in seeing the Hubitat Alexa Skill updated to support Contact / Motion Sensor integration, not as much for the ability to query the status of individual devices, but more for them being added as potential triggers for Alexa routines / announcements.


+1 on interest in the skill update...

I remember the days when Smartthings was this much fun. New ideas, suggested changes, evolving capabilities ... stressed developers...

Here's hoping Hubitat keeps up with the great support and evolutions!


We just need Alexa to recognize a Hubitat virtual switch for this Skill capability. From there we can do anything we want with this.


Did we ever get confirmation that this would/would not be added to Hubitat? I have not seen any comment from a Staff member...