Alexa skill—possible to add contact sensors?

Amazon's API allows for adding contact sensors and motion sensors. Allowing users to ping with questions like, "Alexa, is the front door open?"

However, as I understand it this has to be enabled by the hub's Alexa skill. I'm trying to import the contact sensors from HE to Alexa without success.

Is this possible at this time? If not, is this feature being considered for the future?

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Not possible in the current implementation.

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You're going to have to wait for it. But if you are not opposed to adding Google Assistant Relay and using Samsung's cloud to perform the task, it's possible and works very well. I use it daily for announcements.

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It's working in Alexa now.... I just happened to see it while adding some device routines.

To clarify this... only contacts are now usable in Alexa routines. Not MOTION... yet.

Thanks, that's exactly what I said 2 months ago.

Actually motion does work with alexa skill now. I just tested the routine in alexa so both motion AND contacts are seen in Alexa.