Twinkly Christmas Lights - Anyone Working on this?

If the device supports LAN API Control we will be able to get the scenes/lighteffects integrated in HE directly as well. No need for HA or anything else.

Govee also frequently has sales on items when they are first release.

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Unofficially supports a network API. As @snell and I said above, folks have sussed it out.

Looks like there will be a 30% discount for release. You may need to do it through the Govee Home app to get it though.

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Incase anyone is curious about the Govee lights. I got my Govee string lights in a few days ago. They have 102 preconfigured scenes and support LAN API per Govee Support. I have already extracted the scenes and added them to the Govee Integration.


it is a simple restful api. If I had the time, I would definitely write a Hubitat driver/app using this API.
Maybe someone with enough motivation could do it...

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So the choices appear to be Twinkly, Govee and now Nanoleaf. Curious which one integrates the best. I do like the Govee design for outside.

Nanoleaf has been fantastic

Are you automating them and if so how? Thanks.

Twinkly are very nice. I bought a string of 250 one year for $56 CAD on a Black Friday sale at Best Buy. Then my wife complained that I spent too much on a single string of lights. I took them back and then she said "where did those nice Christmas light go?" :roll_eyes: So I rebought them on a Boxing Day sale for the same price.

:smile: I fold ours up like a rope. Doesn't take any longer than a regular string of lights. They're well made and it's not been a problem after three years of use.

I think this is a bit subjective. I think the Govee Lights integrate pretty well, but then again i am a bit bias on that question :slight_smile: Is there a particular measure you would like to know more about?

The Govee Xmas tree lights integrate directly with Hubitat over their LAN API so no cloud involved.

That LAN API allows you to turn on/off the lights. Set Color temp for white light, or simply color. and adjust brightness. We also have a way to set light effects on the device. These can be light effects created by Govee, or by yourself or the Govee community as well.

Nanoleaf is natively supported in hubitat. For the matter stuff, you need a c8 and join thebeta...

So it seems like the Govee lights will work with Hubitat now using this app - GitHub - uncdubdiver/hubitat-govee-led-lights: Hubitat integration for Govee LED Light Strips but I don't see the model numbers for the Christmas lights specifically on this page - I have posted in the relevant thread to see if they will work.

The new Twinkly lights will need the matter connection in order to work?

I am trying to figure out what lights I should buy now to maximize integration in the future. The Govee lights design look like they will be well suited to external trees but both appear to be suitable.

You want Govee Integration for Govee Light, Switches, Plug, and now Appliances for any Govee integration. @mavrrick58 created and maintains it and you can find information about their Christmas Lights in the thread including how to control the via LAN in Hubitat.

As for Twinkly, it is not integrated into Hubitat. If you have a version that integrates with HomeKit, you can use virtual switches to gain some control.

For Nanoleaf, they can be controlled via Matter. So, if you have a C8 and our in the beta program, you could connect them directly to Hubitat. Otherwise, it would be using virtual switches like Twinkly.

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You can also integrate Twinkly via Home Assistant, you'll get more control than via HomeKit virtual switches including ability to change programmed scenes. Frankly I don't find any of these integrations to be worth it. If you have multiple lights in a group there is no way to control the group. None of the integrations fully eliminate the use of the phone app. I end up just scheduling the power state using a controlled plug.

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Part of the problem is Govee kind of sucks about documentation for their API's. I have a bunch of inquiries in my Govee home app verifying what supports Cloud or LAN API for new devices. The Xmas Tree lights support the LAN API only for third party connections. This is a little bit of a oddity and may prevent that other integration from working. The LAN API is fully supported with my Govee Integration that @JB10 linked. The only catch is that since the Xmas Tree lights don't support Cloud API you will need to follow the manual add process for LAN Only devices.

Can you control Light effects for Twinkly or Nanoleaf via their methods? That may be a pro to Govee the others can't match.

With the Govee lights if you create a scene, and extract it, you can execute that scene on multiple lights simultaneously within HE. I do it every night on a couple strips and it works quite well. I had to use the awful Govee app to create the scene but that was the only time.

I was answering a question about Twinkly lights. With Twinkly you can group lights to create a group device. Then run a scene on the group. It's not the same thing as running the same scene on multiple devices due to the dynamic animation effects.

My apologies, I read it as a blanket statement across all of these type of lights.

I use the Home Assistant integration just for the power toggle. It’s all my wife really wants automated from the tree lights anyway. She likes the “fire” effect and so that’s where it stays most of the time. Every so often I change it to something else, but she eventually changes it back. The app is fine fine for that. I’m not into automating absolutely everything in my life.

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Great feedback. I am going ahead to order the Govee for outside - also going to try out one of their curtains which looks fun. I might go with the Twinkly or NanoLeaf inside as they look more like regular string lights.

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