Twinkly Christmas Lights - Anyone Working on this?

I use Twinkly String lights and they really are great. Anyone have any plans to write drivers for Hubitat? :slight_smile:

Ref: Twinkly

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That's true and I knew that. But I know there some unofficial libraries written in Python. People of reverse engineered the protocol. Since I don't know python or groovy it's not in my wheelhouse for sure.

As @aaiyar said there is not a public API... but some people on the web have done some work to figure it out anyways.

I have a set of these myself but have not bothered to work too hard at them as it is just one and works well enough on our Christmas tree with the built-in features. I think I started a driver early on but realized I was spending too much time trying to get it working (when I was likely to just use it for on/off)...

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Probably true. There is a HomeKit interface now, so I can probably do on/off with virtual switches. Was thinking about cooler motion based animations for Halloween though...

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Yeah... that would probably require a LOT of effort as you would need to tell each LED what to do in the sequence. Plus if they are not arranged the same way each year you would need to remap the arrays of those animations.

Maybe Twinkly themselves can be prompted to make some Halloween-oriented ones?

There's a Home Assistant integration. It's works OK, but is rudimentary. You still have to set up all the effects in the Twinkly app.

Smartthings also had a simple integration... just on/off... but at least that helped to avoid attaching them to smart plugs.

Well, in my dreams it would be able to switch which canned/created automations you have. So it wouldn't need to do all that much in the hub.

You can control power and color in Hubitat via HADB, but not scenes. Hubitat doesn't activate the scenes correctly as there is a mismatch between Hubitat driver (integer) and what HA expects (string).

Had to search for HADB. Interesting option even though it's currently broken.

I added a request to the HADB thread to fix the effects. An alternative that also works is a Hubitat→node-RED→Home Assistant flow. It's a simple flow if you already have node-RED running.

Govee has a christmas tree light product coming soon. It will likely integrate with Hubitat no problem since it clearly has wifi enabled services. I will check if it can support LAN API and therefore scenes when it is released.

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Man, the video on their site w/the interior lights going bonkers almost gave me a migraine...can't imagine anyone wanting that inside. :dizzy_face:

But outside, I could really do some damage to my neighbors... :smiley:


It is the season for giving, right?


Yea. It can get pretty crazy with enough lights and some of their scenes. One of the features they have started to add to many devices is adjustable speeds for the animations. I have a pair of H6172 outdoor LED strips that will be lighting up the outside once the holidays hits. I Tend to avoid the fast moving animations for exactly that reason.

The Govee look similar to the Twinkly product. They work fine inside, but the effects can be overdone. One significant physical difference is the Govee lights seem to be embedded in a rope. The Twinkly lights resemble traditional tree lights. They require more work to put away, though, as you need to fold them up light by light.

These are interesting. The video is surreal on many many levels. The turkey alone man. I have questions.

But I will check these out when available. Twinkly is a very premium product with a price to match. This might be more reasonable as well as easier to control via Hubitat.

It actually works. Home Assistant presents the effects based on a 0 index in the effect title. The Hubitat HADB start is 1. So you need to add 1 to the HA effect list number.

The longest Twinkly lights are cheaper than the longest Govee lights on a per foot basis.

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As a clarification, HADB is not broken. It support light effects with the proper index. See HADB thread for explanation.

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