The Time has come

Wish i had the skills for it.
You are speaking foreign language for me.... coding... not even a line... lol

House panel is not local

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It is :wink:
Although not on the hub itself.

I had the impression that was cloud.
Does the designer runs on any mobile devices.
I no longer use a Pc.
I don't think it will run on rPI

Yes HP will run on a rpi

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This is exactly why I wrote HousePanel. It is designed to be local on your own rPI or local PC running a webserver. More importantly it was designed to enable full customization for making aesthetically appealing panels. People have created floor plan panels, photos and team logos on tiles, and all sorts of things. You can even mix items from different sensors onto a single tile. Colors, icons, borders, and tile placement are all user adjustable using a friendly GUI - or you can edit the CSS directly if you prefer. And it’s “free” ... donations appreciated.


Your dashboards look great IMO. There's definitely work to be done on the dashboard app, and I found myself pretty frustrated while setting mine up, but once that effort was done I have found them to be effective. Not that pretty but they get the job done. RGBW control is the only thing I'm missing as well.

HP has RGB control? I have my rpi just for the vpn(not working at the moment) because it was for google assistant but with the chromecast integration I don't need it anymore. I can try HP.

Edit: I should post this in the HP thread, or at least go there and read more. Sorry.

Would House Panel run on a synology NAS?

Yes HP has full color control and yes it can run on anything that can host a website.


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Even though is progress is still restrictive.
You can't choose and use your own icon custom set, you can't float text, you can't have a background image per tile,
Just to name a few. Not everyone is a fan of minimalist design.

So you want minimalist light switches and a noisy dashboard?

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I like good design.
The current application of minimalist on tiles, on the foremention tools, is not, in my humble opinion, a good application of minimalist design. A core tenant in minimalist design is simplicity of use with user experience at heart.

Just my 2 cents though


Just a quick update...
Hub/Mesh has been stable for a few days now.

Do I know what the hell was going on on the first times? No damn clue.

Same devices on same location with same batteries.
Same zigbee radio.
Same custom code

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Glad to hear everything has stabilized for you. These mesh networks can definitely be flakey at times. I recently had a Z-Wave Plus light switch wreak havoc on my Z-Wave mesh, causing very long response times. I noticed one switch would not respond at all, even to physical presses of the switch.
I pulled the air-gap on the switch and everything returned to normal. After returning the air-gap back to normal, everything was still fine.

Nice. :+1:t2:

Do you have any sort of troubleshooting site for HousePanel for just Hubitat? Your directions are great. I just wish you could have directions for Hubitat only. So confusing with all of the Smartthings instructions in there too.

I've downloaded HousePanel to my rPi and used your installer. Getting all the way to the Auth page. Selected all of my Hubitat devices. Never can get past the Auth page. So tired of just trying to figure out what the problem is. Unfortunately I'm no coder. Would appreciate a little help for a donation.

See the new docs at

That's where I've been reading. What reasons are there that this would not work? I removed the ; in the php.ini file in the apache2 directory for curl. Nothing I do fixes it.

I’m at work now but I will help you later tonight. Most common reasons for issues are cURL installs and file server permissions. Also, we should take this discussion to the main HousePanel thread where others can help you too. Go here: