The Time has come

For the Xiaomi Vibration Sensor not sure how to integrate this one to be honest.
The Sensor detects Tilt/Drop/Stationery/Tap/Knock/Vibration

Current States

  • acceleration : inactive
  • activityLevel : 162
  • angleX : 1.3
  • angleY : -1.2
  • angleZ : 88.2
  • battery : 100
  • lastCheckin : 1547259030750
  • lastCheckinTime : Jan 12, 2019 2:10:30 AM
  • lastDrop : 1547252578339
  • lastDropTime : Jan 12, 2019 12:22:58 AM
  • lastStationary : 1547252728619
  • lastStationaryTime : Jan 12, 2019 12:25:28 AM
  • lastTilt : 1547252460521
  • lastTiltTime : Jan 12, 2019 12:21:00 AM
  • lastVibration : 1547252663572
  • lastVibrationTime : Jan 12, 2019 12:24:23 AM
  • motion : inactive
  • numberOfButtons : 1
  • sensitivityLevel : Low
  • sensorStatus : Stationary
  • threeAxis : [1.3, -1.2, 88.2]

In the Hubitat Dashboard, you can simply use the Attribute Tile, which allows you to type in the exact, case-sensitive, name of the custom attribute you want displayed from a device.

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You might seriously consider removing the sendEvents and custom attributes associated with these events, they aren't used by any apps, and aren't doing your database any good.

How would I do that? Where should I start? Not being a coder this is a little of alien language to me.....
Would it be just a case of removing them from the device code?

I would contact the author...

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Didn't know that always learn.... Can it be used in RM as well?

@veeceeoh I believe was you that ported this one? What you think?

I do not believe RM supports custom attributes.

You might want to take a look at this Community app

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Getting somewhere...
Using the attribute: sensorStatus I can get it to detect when Vibration/Stationary/Drop
Plus Acceleration plus motion.
Looks like a good progress.

I will look into Wato but I dislike to use multiple apps for each specific thing. Eventually I'm concerned that I have too much stuff and things start to become clunky.

Oh well is what we have

Welcome. Looks like you're doing great and don't need much hand holding. Couple of things caught my eye in this thread, you may or may not be aware of. Then again, maybe you are. You're using Xiaomi and there was a recommendation for Iris Zigbee repeaters. You said you were planning on IKEA Trådfri. That's the right choice for you. Iris Zigbee repeaters aren't compatible with Xiaomi.

You mentioned Webcore. I'm going to assume you're just talking about a piston you had on ST and were asking how you could duplicate that in Rule Machine. Just to be clear, Webcore on HE isn't a good idea and will give you problems you don't want. Stick with RM.

Good luck with the transition. Sounds like you're doing great so far, and it's not your first dance, which is helpful. Throw in just a dash of groovy knowledge and you'll be very happy with your choice.

Correct assumption my friend.

In fact mesh is holding as it was in ST without any repeaters. Wanted to see how strong it keeps without adding them. In fact they are the only thing yet not transitioned.
An assumption i'm making based on my experience. Initial devices were a PITA to pair, but it start to went smoother and smoother as I added more devices. I tried to add the devices on the final location the maximum I could. Just one temp sensor I had to move closely to the Router. I'm assuming that the Xiaomi devices like to party. The more the merrier.:joy::rofl::rofl:

Ok Today's update.

  • Events logging time sorted. After a browser time update in hub settings the WET times is now properly reported, even after hub reboot. To note that the Hub stores timestamps in local time. My suggestion for the Devs is to change the way how timestamps are stored. If stored in UTC long format whenever an user applys a timezone offset template for view purposes all the logs will show the correct information. UTC time format can also be useful for support troubleshooting when narrowing cases with a timestamp.

  • Bought Pushover license key. Driver is now apparently working ok. Not on the fly as was ST notifications but quite ok.

  • All devices reporting ok so far no drops.

  • Had to change and update some rules as RM works slightly different, just a matter of adapting the line of thought.

  • The interface seems a little clunky at the moment. This is just my initial impression that is somehow Bias for the fact that I'm having a couple hours straight on the interface. This will eventually change when I reach the point that I barely use the interface.

  • Oh the dasboard.... I simply don't like it. Confusing and clunky. Not sure what to do next about it.

Sounds like things have gone well for you. Congrats.
I think your comments pretty much reflect my own thoughts of this VERY young platform.
I’d add one thing though - and that is;

  • how impressed I have been in the regular and frequent updates that have come through

You’ll also discover how readily accessible both support staff and users are.

So guys ...

Almost the end of a migrating journey, ST is good to retire and walk way into the sunset of oblivion.

All devices migrated, rules, etc...
All went relatively smoothly there is a few last gaps but will get there.

  • Need to find a willing soul to create the app and driver for the Netatmo Health Coach. It already exists in ST. Someone ported Netatmo Weather Station already that has almost an identical copy of Netatmo Weather base Station running on a different Shard.

  • One Xiaomi Humdity/Temperature Sensor die on me today. He had battery issues, replaced and it started reporting back again.

The it comes the Dashboard adventure.

  • Still don't know how to add RGB lights control to the Dashboard.
  • Lots of issues with the design, because the tiles restrictions in place. But was able to create something that I consider ok for now.
  • I reported a bug where you can't change the colour of the text in the Dashboard.

Here are a few Screeshots of the Dashboard. This are a minimalist Dashboard with only control and reporting of critical assets only.


SharpTools is built-in if you want something different.

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You've done really well. Nice one.

I really like Sharptools even with the small delay in commands versus the dashboard.

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I Really don't want a cloud solution.
The day that sharptools runs local on the hub without being through cloud servers I'm game to give it another try.

Don't take me wrong I did pay and use Sharptools and Actiontiles with ST.
But you are always dependent on an internet connection for it to work. No, my internet connection goes down probably just once a year. But yes I do want also want to control my house in that particular day. Remember Voice assistants will also be down.

Additionally I also want something more creative. Even though I love the concept of tiles the way Actiontiles, Sharptools and even Hubitat Dashboards were designed and are still designed with programming view and not a UX in mind. They are aesthetical unappealing and very restrictive from a creative standpoint.


I hear you, it would be awesome if it was local for sure. I have a fire HD10 on the wall and cant live with the ugly dashboard UI so sharptools is my best option right now. its wife friendly too

its also great when im away from home and want to control, since thats going to be through the cloud regardless.

Why not host your own local website using Maker API and create your own dash?
Granted, quite a bit of effort to show the actions, but possible, and use whatever design you like :slight_smile:

I've often thought about this, but haven't gotten around to trying it as yet.

Or theres HousePanel. :+1: