The built-in webCoRE, released!

We are happy to announce that webCoRE is now officially a built-in app for users installing today's platform update.

For those who are (still) running webCoRE on other platforms, that means they can have the webCoRE running on the Hubitat Elevation platform as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Back-up your pistons on the webCoRE dashboard
  2. Install the built-in app (from the left menu click Apps, then Add Built-in app to install all necessary files).
  3. Authorize the browser, create a new piston and then import the backup.

For those unfamiliar with webCoRE, it means they can now create a new piston in less than 10 seconds!

  1. Install the built-in app (from the left menu click Apps, then Add Built-in app to install all necessary files).
  2. Authorize the browser.
  3. Create a new piston.

For those who are already running webCoRE on Hubitat Elevation, they may consider migrating to the built-in version to take advantage of automated updates that will continue to be released when necessary, along with the regular platform updates.

Today's release is just the beginning of a long process that will make webCoRE easier to use, with less interruptions. Going forward, webCoRE will continue to be open-source and maintained by the same great developers who have made webCoRE available on the Hubitat Elevation platform.

Many thanks to @nh.schottfam, @ipaterson and many more who have made this project possible!

Happy New Year everyone!

Be sure to check out our community subsection dedicated to webCoRE for more details and piston examples.


What a wonderful news. Webcore is the best tool.


Used it back in the day. May be fun to go back and play around with it.


WebCore cost?

The time you spend building pistons, otherwise free as always.


Bobby, with the built in version, are the pistons still edited via the web portal at or is that local now?

Nothing has changed but the way one loads the Groovy code on the hub.

How do we migrate? I have webcore installed through hubitat package manager at the moment. Are there any other benefits other than automatic updates?

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Thanks Bobby.

Tom, backup your existing pistons in webcore. You should then have a file containing your webcore pistons in your local browser's downloads folder. You can install the new webcore app, add a piston..and you'll see an option to restore from backup. Choose your backup file. You'll see an interface then to restore each piston one by one.

Your original and new webcore apps can live on the hub at the same time so "migration" should be pretty easy.

You can go into the new webcore app on Hubitat during or after installation to provide access to the same devices etc. as before, then resume your pistons. It's pretty easy...took me maybe 10-15 minutes. You just need to check your pistons and resume them after that.

Finally, remove the old app.



Webcore is absolutely amazing. I'm happy to hear this, as now there's no risk of putting all my faith into an 'unsupported' app.

Well done all. Great move.



I have not used it before but I think I will give it a shot.


For someone not already using webCore, what is the benefit in comparison to rule machine?

Well almost everything.. Webcore handles whatever your previous apps have been doing. From rule machine to al the other apps (almost) in a much userfriendlier design. Webcore on Hubitat is what kept me here..


Well, kind of / kind of not.

It all depends how you like to write your automations... Menu driven, code/pseudo code, or point and click.

WebCORE is definitely nice for those that prefer the more "code like" implementation of rules. It is definitely not nice for those that don't though.

AKA there is no one tool that meets everyone's needs/preferences.


Ah right, I’ll stick with RM. since v5.x it’s been really great.


It is all a preference as far as I am concerned, just like if you would rather use Rule Machine or Room Lighting, or even write your own app.

In my opinion, there will be no significant benefit for most of us who have been on Hubitat for a while now or are fully invested in Rule Machine. Nothing against Webcore, I am sure it is great. But I don't see a reason to switch if you like what you have.

It does benefit those who were used to using Webcore in Smartthings, especially those who waited until the last minute to transition off that platform. They are frantically trying to switch as things go dark soon (today?) for the old Groovy stuff.


Cheers, that was what I suspected.


Not there? Just updated:


Another user did have to reboot before the app showed up.

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