Support for new device needed

Hi All,
I recently ordered Tuya switch 1-gang and 2-gang.

The 1-gang switch works well with the generic zigbee switch driver, but the 2-gang does not work with the generic driver, nor with any other driver I found online so far. In the specific, the generic multi-end points does trigger, but does not discriminate between the two channels/relays and they go either both on or off, irrespectively of the child device selected.

These are the info i could collect after pairing

Endpoint 01 application:46
Endpoint 01 endpointId:01
Endpoint 01 idAsInt:1
Endpoint 01 inClusters:0003,0004,0005,0006,0702,0B04,E000,E001,0000
Endpoint 01 initialized:true
Endpoint 01 manufacturer:_TZ3000_zmy4lslw
Endpoint 01 model:TS0002
Endpoint 01 outClusters:0019,000A
Endpoint 01 profileId:0104
Endpoint 01 stage:4
Endpoint 02 application:unknown
Endpoint 02 endpointId:02
Endpoint 02 idAsInt:2
Endpoint 02 inClusters:0004,0005,0006
Endpoint 02 initialized:true
Endpoint 02 manufacturer:unknown
Endpoint 02 model:unknown
Endpoint 02 profileId:0104
Endpoint 02 stage:4
Endpoint F2 application:unknown
Endpoint F2 endpointId:F2
Endpoint F2 idAsInt:242
Endpoint F2 initialized:true
Endpoint F2 manufacturer:unknown
Endpoint F2 model:unknown
Endpoint F2 outClusters:0021
Endpoint F2 profileId:A1E0
Endpoint F2 stage:4

Is there any driver that may work with this hardware or, may you suggest how to modify available drivers to support this hardware.

Tagging @kkossev, who is a sort of demi-God w/regard to Tuya stuff. :slight_smile: He may already have a custom driver...


Thank you.


@Dical please download and install the latest version of the Muxa's driver from the link in this post :

After you install (or update) the driver, delete the device from HE web page and pair it again as a new device.


Thank you so much! It works now

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