Storing/Reporting Thermostat Data

Currently I use Smart things to manage some basic things at my rental properties. I have door locks and thermostats. Right now I have Smartthings integrated to Constant Graph to record the thermostat data, when it calls for heat etc. I use this data to appropriately apportion the heating bill to my tenants. I don't like it. Smarthub doesn't keep any data and Constant Graph will only keep raw data for so long and very often the security token expires/becomes invalidated and I lose data. If I switched to Hubitat is there a way for it to store the thermostat operations and/or let me pull the data? I don't like relying on Samsung and Constat Graph to be up all the time...they rarely are.

Here is one option that would allow logging and graphing of data from Hubitat:

Thats my partially completed guide for windows. I would actually suggest checking out this first. I have an HVAC dashboard in there for download.

If you like that, you need to get the data into influx DB. You can host it locally or use the cloud service (there is a free option).

Here is a write up on Influx / Grafana. Do not be scared with how long it is, just lots of details. The actual setup is not that bad.

I have a basic lock panel for one of my dashboards now as well, its not published anywhere though. Its not very exciting, was not sure what else to do with it.


Using Rule Machine, I track HVAC Runtime data real time with a Dashboard display and data report accessible from a dashboard link. See below: