So what automations are getting thumbs up from the fam?

I use that incorporated into my whole house shutdown since I have a Roku tv. Shuts the tv down

That's a great idea, you could do that. But no, I use the excellent Roku app by @armand for the primary TV integration which flips a switch I look that triggers a TV Scene I have set up and pauses/unpauses an RM rule.

I still haven't found a good solution for my Apple TV yet.

That is a fantastic idea.... I'm currently looking at the generic switch for Roku - but this sounds much more reliable. Mind if I ask, how often do you have the app polling for this state?

It's basically real time status updates. I'm not even sure where to set a polling interval. However, I have noticed that some of my "always on" roku devices end up being unresponsive after a couple days. A nightly power cycle (using a smart plug) has eliminated that problem. Might also be possible to automate a roku reboot without cycling power, but I've never tried going that route.

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Ah interesting. Going to the actual device the app creates, I had assumed these values dictated how often the app new the state of the TV. I honestly can't remember if I set 10min here or if that was the default.

Edit: I went ahead and moved this Roku specific question over to the main Roku thread.

So this one can continue to be on topic about awesome Automatons!

Good ideas in this topic.

My wife’s favorites:

  • Setting the thermostats to eco mode when a window is open or the temperature is not too hot/cold

  • Turning off the Rokus and Sonoses when not in use (by monitoring Harmony activity switches and using the switch binding app). Saves electricity and improves Roku/Sonos performance.

  • Garbage day reminder

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I did this one too! I have two so I know when a car drives in or out.

Oh yes, I forgot this one. One of my favorites, since gabarge is my responsibility (part of my wife's pre-nup agreement :wink: ) and if I don't remember the night before it's an unpleasant wake up to the rumbling of the garbage truck and then a frantic dash in my PJ's to roll out my stuff before the truck leaves our cul-de-sac. :astonished: :weary:


We do something similar for robot vacuum days. All the dimmers start flashing green, reminds us to make sure toys and things are picked up and out of the way. Luckily garbage day is Mondays so I have all weekend to remember that one.

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We have dogs, and one day did not pick up an, um, accident that one had in the office before we ran the robovacs.

That was a very, very bad day...especially since there is evidently a codicil in my wife's pre-nup that includes that as well.

That sucks. Apparently the latest roomba can avoid that.

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Speaking of fur babies, I created a rule that turns on the patio lights when the back door deadbolt is unlocked at night to let the dog out. It also turns out the light when the deadbolt is locked. I also have a rule that flashes the shower light when someone opens the front door, but I think my wife's favorite is the automation I created for our front door.

Thoughts on a doorbell - #5 by Vettester

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Apparently my wife dosnt use any of my smart stuff....
But boy do I know about it if it doesn't work.

Shut the house down at bedtime all lights, heating, tvs etc.

Shut the house down when we leave and set the hoover going ( did I get it in the ear when I bought the hoover, fast forward a couple of days and shes raving about it)

Auto dimming of lights so no need to adjust.

Turn on the cinema with just one button.

Towel rads on when taking a shower or bath

Utility heating and dehumidifier auto turn on when washing hung up.

Reminder that the milk is in the coffee machine.

And the list goes on


Eh? This sounds interesting. Leak sensor in the milk comparment that goes off when it's wet? :slight_smile:

I have similar set up for our late night (and sometimes 2AM, damn their eyes!) doggie potty-breaks. Mine are motion-based, w/sensor on front porch setting things off first, supported by multiple sensors in the front yard to maintain motion status and keep the lights on, 10m time out just in case, and Pico on the entry way table to turn the lights off when we come back inside so we don't irradiate our neigbors too badly. :slight_smile:

That doorbell automation sounds crazy, in a way I kinda like. :slight_smile:

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Our coffee machine has a milk container that sits inside the machine so I've fitted a contact sensor inside the machine.
So when contact is made it starts a timer and when it times out google starts talking untill you remove the milk container.

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Love it, great idea.

I had an all-in-one coffee machine some years back and could have used that automation, wish I had thought of it at the time. I ended up w/some pretty smelly milk every once in a while when the container sat on the machine all day during the summer. Yuck!

Heh. See my "expected" comment above.

One other tricky one that is the only saving grace for my hobby. (Mentioned above). This is the one when it doesn’t work, I hear about smart home disaster from all.

Two exterior doors and one hallway door lead into our laundry/mudroom. The exterior doors use ring door sensors, hallway door hue motion. Lights turn on with motion (ie carrying in laundry basket, hands full) or doors opening and turn off with doors closed and after 4 min of no motion.

One of the tricks is one of the exterior doors is the one we let the dogs out at night, so when that door opens, all back exterior lights switches turn on. The door is just around the corner from the hue Motion. When that door is open, the motion also cancels the inactive shutoff turning off the lights while waiting/out with the dogs.

Use the unofficial ring app for this one to run.

+1 to many of the ones above.

Our fam’s two favorites are alarm auto arm/disarm when we leave and return, and announcements around the house when a door/window is opened or left open.


The newest one is for holiday lights. My wife wants to see them in the morning, but the time on changes. So now the lights turn on when she turns on the coffee maker (a signal she's up and staying home).

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