Thoughts on a doorbell

Sitting here thinking about our doorbell. The dogs light up the minute it rings and there is no way to tell which door you'll need to answer. Would I be able to disconnect the bell and just keep my Sage doorbell connected to the system? So no ding, but a light might flash or a voice announcement might play? Anyone thought of this? Is this possible?

Yeah, I think so. You might need a little terminal block or Wago connectors to connect the sage and connect the wires through without connecting to the ringer terminal though.


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I completely ditched the transformers and wired the button directly to a button from a sage switch...I use lights and a chime from my siren.

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I guess I'm about to get a dose of reality ... I'm highly confused by this, having bells on multiple doors (because folks approach doors other than the front (or there are multiple front doors?) ) is a thing?

Inspired by your Alexa projects I have created a doorbell that incorporates my front door camera, Blue Iris, Alexa and a 65" Sony Bravia TV. When someone comes to my front door a motion sensor triggers an Alexa routine on an external speaker that greets them with "Good (morning, afternoon or evening based on the time of day), the homeowners have been notified of your presence. Someone will be with you shortly. If you are soliciting, we are not interested." Another routine is triggered on an echo in our kitchen that lets us know someone is at the front door.

The same trigger is used to show the live camera feed on a Sony Bravia TV in our family room. This is accomplished by connecting my Blue Iris server to an extra HDMI port on the TV. I run the BI console displaying the front door camera. I use a RM rule setup to switch the HDMI feeds and/or turn the TV on if it is off.
Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 4.57.12 PM
Blue Iris is also setup to send me a snapshot of the whenever the front door is triggered. I'm using Deepstack AI so it only gets triggered when there is an actual person.

I think I may have gone overboard with this project, but it might give you some inspiration.


The sage device has 3 wires so that it can detect both the front and year door doorbell presses. The green wire is for the front door, white is the common, and yellow is for the back door. Most doorbell chimes have 3 screws, and they ring "ding-dong" for the font, and "dong-ding" for the rear.

The transformer that supplies power is needed, but the doorbell chimes can be disconnected.

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uh .. yah ... we have two doors. Both of which people approach. circled in red. And a back door that's in our fence. No bell on that one.

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OMG! I love it! I am truly humbled. Since we just finished our remodel, I'll be looking into this. So .. no bell. Love it. The one door goes ding the other ding/dong. When the ding rings then the dogs go into super someone at the door mode and you never hear the dong. It's unfortunate, although the dong sounds a bit sickly.


Thank you. this is the answer I was looking for. Although I'll probably be looking at more doorbell ideas in the future now that @Vettester set a standard of way effing cool. I've had the sage hooked up for a wile, but even a voice announcement gets drowned out by the barking. Love my dogs, but can't get them to stahp barking!

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I'm really bummed, @april.brandt, I thought you were posting a cool poem...something like:

Thoughts on a Doorbell
By April Brandt

Oh doorbell, dingy doorbell
With boisterous canines
Bark, Yelp, Growl, and Grrrr
Raucous welcome, undesired


I was thinking the SAME thing. But then I was like no .. I'm not gonna get cheezay, don't get cheezay April. So I changed it up last minute. And you caught it anyway. Now I feel bad for not completing the thought.

The one door goes ding the other ding/dong. When the ding rings then the dogs sing and Alexa blings "someone is at the ... bark bark bark door!

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Yeah, I could tell, I could tell.

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Thoughts On A Doorbell
(A rant in iambic pentameter)

FedEx, UPS, USPS, Amazon.
Drop a package, and move on.
I bought a button, shiny and new.
You can see it at night - it glows for you.
Why not push it? You are so near -
It'll inform me my package is here.
But no! You won't, so sensors I deploy.
Just because you are such a hurried boy.


I wonder if an Echo Flex plugged into an outdoor plug at front door under cover would survive. I would love to tell solicitors to go away.

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Now that's good.

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Hah, fair enough, would get old fast if answering the 'wrong' door for sure!
Maybe Aeotec Button for Doorbell / chime at each location (for the doggo - and a voice/pushover notification for the peoples)?

now there's a thought. I'm having a box put in under our new deck for low voltage lighting. I wonder if it would be muffled?

I have a pushover notification set up through nodered. You can imagine the 5hitshow that the doorbell creates. Ding -- bling (pushover) - bahding - someone is at --BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!
Guess I'll go look out the window.

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Not sure, I'm using a gen 2 Echo Dot with an external speaker. The Dot is actually located inside the garage with the microphone disabled.

Yeah I was thinking an outdoor BT speaker with an Echo Flex just inside door would be safer.

My Eufy Doorbell let's you pre-record messages but you have to click in app to make the message play.

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