Smart Bulb in Lamp Use Case Solutions - Kids room

Kids room, going through the family favorite thread and one peaked their interest. Smart bulb in a bed side lamp, that would turn on dim with a button and the bathroom light dimmer in the middle of the night. Bedside table has minimum space, so would need to be a smallish button. Curious about the color changes, but without an app or smart speaker in the room, not sure if that would work.

Would a sonoff type button, rgb smart bulb work for a kids room?

Edit: here’s the family favorite automations thread.

Yes - any button or smart bulb that is compatible for Hubitat would allow you to write a rule that controls them.

Good options for smart bulbs include Lifx (Wifi, but local), Hue (preferably with their hub), Inovelli (Z-Wave) and Sengled (Zigbee).

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If space is at a premium you could stick the button on the side or front of the bedside cabinet or even onto the lamp with blutak

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I've been using these and they support multiple taps. We use them for single tap lights on or off and double tap ceiling fan on or off.

Sonoff SNZB-01 Zigbee Wireless Switch, Supports To Create Smart Scenes, Trigger The Connected Devices on Ewelink APP With Three Control Options,Sonoff ZigBee Bridge Required.(Battery Is Not Included)

Thanks, I do have an extra one of these around. I’m not using a bridge with other ones though.

I believe logic would be one press turn on lights dim, two press turn lights off, hold turn on lights dim/bathroom lights dim, manually turn bathroom lights off when done.

Sound about right?

With this scenario, and limited button usage and no app/voice control, I’m thinking just a smart non color zwave/zigbee bulb would work.

The way I use single buttons is usually that one press sets to a comfortable default (in your case dimmed) level and also toggles (two actions in the button rule) while double tap brings it up to full brightness. If you don't have something else you want to happen with Hold, then I usually use that to turn off.

You can use a single press for on and off. With RM write a rule with single press as trigger. On actions put if light is off turn on, else turn off. This way you don't have to waist a button press just for off. But, do it however you think the user would want it.

Yea, this is what I was thinking. Thanks!

Would you mind sharing your rule for this? Not having much luck today, tried both RM and Button controller app.

Also, which driver do you use for the button?

Sonoff zigbee button controller

You could also just run a toggle on the light. It would do the same thing without requiring the if condition.

I tried this, and the bulb isn’t coming on.

My bad - I thought you just wanted to turn it on/off. In case this is what you want to do, even though it is a bulb (or a dimmer), you can still send it a switch command to toggle it off or to what it was before.

I use a single button on a 4-button remote to cycle thru a few select colors of an RGB Bulb.

Trigger: button pressed,

If bulb is blue, then change to red
If bulb is red, then change to green
If bulb is green, then change to purple
If bulb is purple, then change to white
If bulb is white, then change to blue.

If you used the Sonoff single button mentioned previously, PUSH could toggle bulb on/off, DOUBLE-TAP could cycle thru colors, and HELD could cycle thru brightness levels.

Sengled has a 4-button switch/remote that sounds like it would fill the bill...

Sengled Smart Light Switch

They also sell a kit with 3 bulbs and the switch for $60. There's a hub included, but there's no need for it because everything pairs directly with HE.

Yea, i'm having problems with these sonoff buttons working. I like the form factor/size, but I may need to look into a different brand/model. Enabling actions through the apps are getting something working, but the buttons (multiple different sonoff button devices) for the push on button 1 are not working.