So what automations are getting thumbs up from the fam?

How do you do the sonos part? i have 2 of them that are always on and i don't have much if anything using TTF so i don't need them on all the time.

Just with zigbee outlets.

Should clarify: I have Sonos Connects (no speaker/they are connected to my receiver), so they get turned on when I initiate a Harmony Activity in my living room or den.

You can use zigbee outlets with a regular Sonos too of course, but you may need to turn them on manually (or turn them off at night or something).

How do you do this is there a guide on how to turn off the Roku if it's not being used. I would love to be able to turn off the lights and the Roku TV when we leave the house. Kids always forget to turn off there TV's.

Wouldn't you just put the Roku (and maybe your TV as well) on a smart outlet and cut the power when your presence detection indicated everyone was away?

With a Roku tv you just treat it as a switch. I posted an example in another thread


Ah cool thanks I have been skimming that thread..

I have Roku as well but have not yet integrated it. The "nuclear" option works if you just want to power things off I guess and minimize your custom apps count.


Thank you

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