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I have read numerous posts where people have setup MailGun, Cobra or SendGrid with Hubitat. I have tried all three with no luck. MailGun simply does not have documentation that even explains how to properly format a CURL request, so I am not even sure how I would integrate it. Cobra refused to give me an account. SendGrid can't send via GMail, nor Zoho.

I would gladly pay for an integration that took a technical person less than 40 hours to setup (I am an expert level Python, Spark and Javascript engineer; I can send emails in all those languages...why not from a hub?).

I think it is ridiculous for any product like Hubitat or SmartThings to not include a simple SMTP send. ALL my security CAMERAS and NVRs do this out of the box. There are literally thousands of email clients out there. Why can't these hubs do a simple SMTP integration and send? Why does one have to setup multiple relays, a home email server or complex integrations? Email actually sucks as a regular form of communication, however for the use case of alarm notifications it is actually the perfect medium.

webCoRE has native email support and works well on Hubitat. SMS is deprecated from the SmartThings solution.

Thanks. How do you set it up for use with HE? I installed from here)? but the last step is to go to the Dashboard which requires requires SmartThings? I do not have STs.

Launch webcore from your apps in HE, then click on the Dashboard option.

my send mail works fine also to any servers...

Thanks, but I can't use it without authentication. That's really not practical without ones own email server...which I am certain will stop working the second someone breaks into my house and I NEED to see the email notification.

it now also supports authentication.. username password but non encrypted.

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And TLS.

I have Webcore up and running and it does seem to be easy now that I have the basic mechanics down.

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You might of found it already, but there is an active forum around webCoRE. Most topics are compatible with Hubitat and SmartThings. Largest difference is Hubitat runs everything local and is much faster. To note the UI configuration is cloud based, but once you save the piston it loads and executes on the the HE hub.

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Thanks. I was literally just wondering this! I did discover the forum and have already searched it. I think Webcore might work for me, however, I had a piston that was supposed to run this morning and the log says it did, but no I need to troubleshoot and figure it out. Thank you for the recommendation.

There are a number of other approaches:

  1. The one that I personally use: DoNS (assuming that you have a RPI or the like, at your convenience):
    Few outstanding feature questions
  2. You may also wish to explore the email application from Cobra, as part of cobra's apps.
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Thanks. DoNS seems to be a better solution than Sendmail or Sendgrid, but more complex than Webcore. I have Webcore up and running and the email integration took all of 1 minute to setup. Cobra declined my it was a job interview or something...really weird.


DoNS requires sendmail to be installed .....

So why would you do DoNS and Sendmail when you can use Sendmail solo? Although "can" is a subjective term. I tried it and couldn't get it to work.

DoNS provides Hubitat with an interface to sendmail via @erktrek’s Hubitat driver.

Edit - here is @erktrek’s introduction to DoNS:

I will add that works really well - I’ve used it early 2019.

Kahn's interface seems to provide an interface to Sendmail without a server...but anyhow, I am happy with Webcore and am going to see if I can make it work. Thanks for the info.

Maybe so - to be clear, my post was to clarify the comment that “DoNS seems to be a better solution than Sendmail”.

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@kahn-hubitat, when I try to add your app I get the following error:

No signature of method: Script1.attribute() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, java.lang.String) values: [lastCommand, string] on line 33

Line 33 contains the following:

attribute "lastCommand", "string"

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Its not an app its a device handler.