Simple Email Notifications

You add it as a device handler/driver, as @kahn-hubitat notes, and then you create devices for each phone number or email you want to send messages to. If you put in a phone number you have to use a number that your ISP allows an email to generate a text. For me on Verizon it's

You then select those devices you created (essentially choosing what email addresses or phone numbers you want to send messages to) in your notification apps.

Thanks to both of you for that info -- that makes total sense -- kind of embarrassing I didn't realize this myself...

I have it set up, but I am unable to send msgs. I am attempt to use my gmail account to do this. Are there any known-reasons this won't work with gmail's SMTP server, or do I just need to bottom out a config mistake on my end?

Some screenshots below, thanks again for any help you can provide



wont work with gmail.. gmail requires encryption which the hubitat telnet library does not have implemented. you need to either go normally to your isp first which usually allows with just an username and password.

Thank you for that info. I tried it with without success. It looks like they also require an encrypted connection.


comcast works fine.. you dont put in a username password
port 25
and use your comcast email as the from address.

Sharptools has an email integration for notifications although it is cloud based and cost $30.00 / year.

Email notifications and rules are free. :grinning:

(SMS and variables require premium)

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That's even better.

I gave it a try -- didn't work. Set my from and to email to be my comcast acct. Logs below.

Suggestions appreciated.


you must have a firewall or antivirus blocking your port 25..

make sure you can telnet to it on port 25 from a command prompt it wont work otherwise

Good suggestion. I tried to telnet -- no response.

I found this article in which Comcast states that they block port 25.


@scunny & @josh, thanks for the pointer to sharptools -- that worked. I also set up a gmail filter to send the notifications on to my phone via SMS.

@kahn-hubitat, thank you for the time you invested in helping me -- very much appreciated. I would love to get your drive to work. If you come up with any other ideas, let me know. I'll let you know if I figure anything out.

Thanks again everyone!