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Sorry if this has been mentioned, in the new dashboard, is it possible to add an option in the tile menu and/or the advanced dashboard options to not use an icon? For example, I would like a text only switch in which only the text (device name) changes based on the item state, i.e. bright white for on, muted grey for off. I think adding a "none" icon in the custom icons may be the easiest way to accomplish this. That way, we can edit templates or individual tiles.

Also, having more control about the text & icons and their positioning inside the tile would be a welcomed addition. I would actually use the icons if I could situate the name above the icon and be able to center both vertically. As it is, the icon forces center if you remove device state, this is a no go for my mild OCD.


See this


what mount are you using?



How are you guys with tablet wall mounts handling screenburn prevention?


My dashboards are displayed using the fully kiosk app on android. You can set it up to display a screensaver or turn off the screen until motion is detected etc.

Mine displays a screensaver which is a picture slideshow. This is done using the dakboard web page.


My dashboards are thru a third party app, Home Remote. It's an amazing app, but it takes a lot of time to get the way you want - I have a thread on it, and if you read it you can see some people get discouraged.

That said and to answer your question, I have it set up so when the lights in the room go out, the app reacts to the state change of the light switch, and loads a black screen/page or a very dim clock.

I've found cheaper devices (non OLED) work better, because at least you can remove the burn in by running an app (not exactly sure but I assume it just burns out the other pixels equally?). But the new OLED screens - I ruined a couple leaving the screen on all the time and it seems there is no going back.


screen turn off with motion and sound wake with fully kiosk browser


I can totally see LCD working better. OLED looks great especially with blacks but boy is it delicate.


Hi Guys,
I've been using fully kiosk on android an old LG G5 through a 34" touchscreen monitor with DKA for screensaver.
Let me know what you think.
Anyone know how to modify the text size for only one template? I want to have size 0 for some, but visible for others.


How do you get rid of the settings gear at the top?


At the bottom of the dashboard setup window, under advanced, is this option:

That will remove the settings cog.


Don't see that anywhere on mine. The advanced Tab is the code. No toggles. Looked at options tab, not there either.


It is in the dashboard definition in the app in HE, not on the dashboard itself.


Found it. Thanks.


Where are you pulling the weather radar from?


I'm using ApiXU Weather Driver from @bangali.


On the dashboard itself, you can click on the gear icon, options and toggle the option for the three dots.


Here is the URL


This looks awesome. In Curious to know what all the buttons/indicators do