Show Off Your Dashboards!


The buttons are mostly for other dashboard; e.g. 1st floor goes to the all the lights and sensors on the first floor, etc.


Is there a way to make the horizontal line in tiles with sliders (like dimmers) thinner?


My dashboard isn't quite ready to show off yet...I will be wall mounting some Raspberry Pi Displays (has anyone done the same)? And will have Hubitat turn on the display when motion is present (HTTP POST).

Does anyone how to make the size of the pin entry smaller? It is too large.


What hub version and how small of a screen is that?


The hub version is and the raspberry pi screen size is 7 inches:




800 x 480


How are you getting the weather data with the large 3 tile widget and how do you add it to your dashboard. Very cool.



I love the look of the device, mount, and dashboard. Can you provide details on all. This my dream board!!



@Patrick on the mode tile I have to actually press on the text instead of the tile (Here is a VIDEO) Any way to make the entire tile itself "clickable"?

Also it would be great if the tiles themselves can be made smaller.

And it would be great if we can have an actually tile for Home/Away/Night Mode so it is just one tap instead of two. And I can only require a PIN on a specific mode. For instance only require a pin to disarm to Home mode. (When my family is leaving they are more willing to simply push an away button instead of entering the code - I think the code should only be needed when disarming the system).


You can find more details in the following thread:

It's a custom setup that someone did using a 18.4" Samsung Galaxy View and a custom frame/mount. They used an Android app called Total Launcher along with Tasker to build a custom interface... but you could mimic the style as shown in the linked post. :smiley:


This thread inspired me to make this video for my Wink brothers and sisters that are migrating to Hubitat. Here are my dashboards on SharpTools and Hubitat.


Thanks for sharing that. I had wondered about SharpTools, but you have done a great job with Dashboard. Very inspired.



Personal preference.

My thinking: this thread is ‘show off your dashboard’ not ‘explain your personal opinions on all possible dashboards intended for a specific sub-audience’. Thus I felt it would be more efficient to share only the video.

The video can be played inline, saving an end user from having to click through to the other thread. Further the video is short and was made for this thread specifically ‘show off your dashboard’. This is why there is no taking in the video, explicitly just showing.

The other thread was created to show app-like options for iOS users after I finished the video. Daily there are threads over on the Wink sub-Reddit with people saying ‘but there’s no app!’ Hence the thread.

But, you linked it here for me - so now people have either option. Quick play of an online video, or clicking to the other thread to demonstrate that a lack of a ‘native’ app should not be a significant barrier to those migrating from Wink. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Really nice, man.
Right on topic. :slight_smile: