Show Off Your Dashboards!


We have all decora-type switches & dimmers (caseta too) and just use good old Eaton screw-less wall plates. My OCD moment happened after removing wall plates so often that the paint scraped off the screws, so ugly! The screw-less wall plates are AWESOME!


Justin, thanks for the info! I will reach out to him on Facebook.


Lol. I do stuff like that just to annoy OCD people. You won't find one wall plate my house where the screws lineup. Not. One.


very evil


I consider it free therapy for the OCD people. I'm just helping desensitize them on little things that don't matter.


Just in case you missed it. There's a tablet above it with HE dashboard and it's pretty level. :dizzy_face:


What tablet and wall mount are you using?


fire8 and fire7 and these wallmounts Makes by Mike by MakesByMikeStore on Etsy


Which powering option did you take? Stealing power from the light switches below? I'm no electrician, but it seems fairly straight forward to tap into power from a light switch.


Looking to steal ideas. Are those your favorite Sonos / Spotify channels that you have showing across your top rows? Playing a favorite channel in a particular room? I like it!


I bought a 30 foot micro usb cable from amazon and fished it through the wall into the basement. From there i just found an open outlet and used the supplied plug for the fire tablet. I have unfinished ceilings currently im my basement so i was able to run it into my laundry room and plug them in there.


I replaced security panels. So used the power there with a 12v to 5v converter. I am actually looking into adding a couple more tablets and utilizing another power source but don’t think it’ll be as easy.


Kind of, they’re streaming radio URLs. I use them so much, just made it easier to pop a switch rather than launch Samsung music app on my phone each time. :+1:


Got it. Basically the same thing. Smart implementation. Totally stealing.


Steal away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thats an option for me too. I can drop the wire straight to my media closet. Either use a plug or fish a PoE injector in there.


I'm nervous about burying some generic chinese 120v to 5v ac/dc converter into my wall. Might be worth calling in the electrician and have it done right.


He was using the 12V dc from his security system and converting to 5v, not 120v AC. Big difference.


Actually I do have this setup.

I have a pi that runs a port of android called Emteria ( which I install and then installed Fully Browser. I have a 19" touchscreen attached to it.


Here is my most recent.

I use a RTC edge converted kiosk with POE.