Show Off Your Dashboards!


Ryan basically described the process although it's not as bad as you may think.

First, I had it easy, I didn't have to draw the floorplan. I had some PDF files from the architect who worked on our renovation projects over the years. I wasted a lot of time cleaning them up to get them down to just the basic - really all you need are the exterior walls and partition walls. I say I wasted because I later found another PDF they had provided that had layers. Acrobat Pro recognizes the layers and provided buttons to allow me to turn layers off. That allowed me to generate a cleaned up version in just a few seconds.

If you aren't so lucky, I think you could put together what you need with most any sketching package. Since AutoCAD effectively eliminated my favorite CAD package, Generic CAD, I have used something called TinyCAD. I would suggest that you don't need anything close to a perfect scale drawing - you just need it close enough that the rooms look like the rooms. It is kind of cool to have it scale - that's a lot of work.

The other place I wasted a lot of time was scaling the grid. I think I rescaled it four or five times trying to get the granularity I wanted. Once you get used to doing it, you can do it pretty fast.

I disagree that the sliders on the small icons are useless. They are actually quite useful. When you click on the round button, a dialog box pops up with the percentage and you can easily adjust it even though you don't have a slider to move. Surprisingly you can't get pretty specific with your percentage values even with the tiny bit of travel of the slider.

Clearly this doesn't work on a small form factor like a phone but that was not the intention. This was done as an experiment and I have since thought of several other things I want to try. I am also going to write up a separate thread of suggestions based on what I have learned so far from this experiment.


What round button? You mean the slider itself? You are able to accurately hit that using your finger on your phone or tablet?


This isn't for a phone, no way you could use it on something that small.


But on a tablet you are able to use that? Or do you only use this from a PC with a mouse?


I haven't tried it on a tablet yet.


I'm guessing the image of your floor plan was then used as the background image on your dashboard options? What do you use to host your images?


Yes, exactly. I used a personal web site I have had for years.


Before HE I was considering Home Assistant. They have been doing some cool things with floorplan dashboards.


CrisD - Many thanks for that link. I will need a while to digest that - it looks like a huge thread. Just in a quick scan I see some really interesting ideas there!



I am very happy with how the dashboard are turning out. Still a work in progress.


I really liked this idea but it doesn't work well for use accross platforms or even viewing methods per platform :frowning:
This is from a browser on an iPad and where I set it up:

And this is in the link generated for local/cloud access on the same machine:

I really wanted this to work as it gave me all the controls for the main floor and information that I wanted as well but it would only work as long as you had one tablet mounted or only one way of interacting with it. I wish Hubitat had more control over the images so it could scale things to keep proportions when things viewing methods change slightly. I know my Android tablet has a wider view display so it would scale differently still.


@justin Very clean built in tablet set up! I like Charles set up as well. Justin what tablet and mount are you using?


@mkig45 - Bob Strenger from the Facebook Hubitat Users Group made it for me. Its a Fire 10" & its a perfect fit & the custom 90deg flat usb ribbon cable that he sent hides nicely.


Put up 2 tablets just recently. So far so good. Just switched over from ST last week.


Doesn't All Disarmed mean you won't get alerted for water leaks, is that what you want?


I only use HSM for home security - intrusion. I don’t have any water leak detectors at this time.


Since the floorplan is a bit large, complex, and problematic to render on a small form factor, the graphic below show what I am using on my phone (I hardly ever need it but dashboards are fun). I have a "main" dashboard (on the left) that has "buttons" that link to the three dashboards or interest - exterior lighting, upstairs lighting and downstairs lighting. I maintained the notional orientation around the floor plan and with a somewhat rectangular house, this makes it fairly intuitive to find a room and a light without having to read the labels.

As with the others, it's an experiment and a work-in-progress.


UGGGG OCD ALERT !! Fix those screw heads to same direction !!


Another reason to like Lutron Claro wall plates. I don't have to worry about lining up the screws!