Share Your 2.0 Dashboards

What kind of cameras are you using (brand/model)? Most have a feed somewhere. If the camera supplies a built in web page for settings and viewing camera output then there is a feed that can be captured. If you tell me the brand and model, I may be able to help you find the location of the feed.



One example is Netgear Arlo. Any way to view camera stream from a browser and hence via a Hubitat dashboard? I think not... :frowning:

uniden udr777hd
For review i can use only uniden u guard app on my phone

How do you guys get rid of the Hubitat ribbon on the left of the dashboard?

Use the actual dashboard links, not the /dashboard url. Go to apps, dashboard and you can find your dashboard menu links and individual dashboard links as well.

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Ahhh... excellent, thanks!

image image
Wanted to share a new dashboard I just created that I'm loving. The purpose of my dashboard is a quick glance overview of the status of the house with some control built in.
I decided to use the floorplans I had built in homedesigner as a background and then overlay buttons over the top of the floorplan.
I am only showing one room of my house here as to not give away my entire floor layout to the internet, but you can get the idea. The left pic is with motion active and lights on. Right pic is motion inactive and lights off.
I have both up and downstairs floorplans of my house as large tiles on the dashboard. Then, I added motion and door status as well as light control/status on top of those tiles in the position physically where they exist in the house.
I changed the templates of the tiles to be almost transparent when no activity and then red when active (yellow when on for lights).
Now with one glance I can tell where motion is active, if doors are open and if lights are on.


@steveisgreat How did you create those 3 sections headers on the dashboard?

looks to be a 4 row width, 1 column height tile set to "text" field.

How do i scale a background image for the back of the dashboard ?
I have this code at the end of the PNG


im trying to get this PNG to scale down

I got many ideas when creating my dashboard screens from other members posting their work. Thank-you! Here it is:

I use a separate password protected dashboard for "Alarm Menu", I find that the screen that pops up when you press "HSM Status" does not work well. It has the smallest of [x] to close, which makes it hard to close and the layout has so many alarm options. Would be nice if this pw protected pop-up for HSM would be redone.

Also still working on some of the background images in the lights menu, got the idea from a user here on hubitat, forget the name, but thanks for sharing!


what app were you using to get the temp and battery in one tile on the one above ?

Super Tile, I believe, the members name is Cobra that created it.

I run a python script to pull down arlo stills too, but I haven’t been able to get it to size, edge to edge, to the square tile though . How did you do this?

Where do you put this? I'm trying to customize my tile colors but can't figure out how.

Can you pls provide more info how to do this? I have Arlo cameras and would love to pull some stills on a regular basis into my dashboards. I have an rPi running. Thank you!

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The inbuilt 2.0 is brilliant and super fast to respond.
Thanks to @bptworld @bobbles and everyone else for all your awesome work and advice. You're such a great community.
(EDIT) New Tablet Dashboard - Updated Life360


Cool stuff!

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How do you make the dashboards that are not current a different color? Also can we not show the dashboard name? For example, if i put a picture of the room, it dont need it to tell me which room it is?

@GrumpyTeddy; great dashboard, using it as inspiration for my own. One question do, how did you do the location information. I cannot find a tile that gives me this information?

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