Sendmail - Send email and text notifications, (notification device) no local server needed

I had tried this app a few times as a way to get off of Twilio and I could never make it work with my own mail servers. Maybe the advice below was posted for general use and I missed it, but when I saw that you said to encode the username and password for use with smtp2go, I tried it for accessing my own servers - and there it is - fully functional! Thanks!


Did something break with C-8 new installs? I was using this app on my c-5 and I recently upgraded to a C-8. Rather than bringing years of testing, I thought I would go with a fresh install.
I tried to import this app from but I get an "No signature of method: Script1.attribute() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, java.lang.String) values: [lastCommand, string] on line 143" error.
Am I missing something?

Never mind, I see what I did wrong... time fogs the mind.


You're lucky, you still have a mind. Wait until you get to be my age... :wink:




Today 12/31/23 when this app sends an email, the date seems to display 2024 which is a day early. Anyone else receiving this? My email shows 12/31/2024 instead of 12/31/2023 only for emails sent from this app.

The header of the email shows the following:

Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2024 7:52:02 -0500

Yep. That has to be a bug in hubitat as this is how the date is generated.



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@kahn-hubitat , thank you for the sendmail driver -- I've been using it for several years and find it very helpful. I am running the latest version of "V3" that is in the Hubitat package manager;

  • 2/8/23 v 4.93 skip initial 220- as well as 250- which was already in place.

Lately I've been working on turning off informational logging in my system, as I found that all the "informational" messages were causing me to miss more serious messages.

I noticed that your driver generates 2 log messages even with logging turned off. They are generated on every call to the driver.

I've noticed that there are other drivers that allow one to specify the logging level they want. Any chance you would consider adding such a feature to your driver?

Thank you


The log messages I am referring to:

Log settings for email driver:

Example of driver that allows selecting log level:

I have no control over the close message ..i have reported it to hubitat numerous times its a bug in their system.

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Got it -- thanks for letting me know.

Can the info message be tied to the logging switch?



v 4.94 in github..
sent message (in parent device) now only comes out if either debug or desclog is enabled.

I just installed the update (via package manager) and it works as expected.

Thank you!


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