Schlage be469

I don't use reliable locks app. I don't know if it is even needed. Maybe I just got some good locks? I use just the standard Schlage driver, and Lock Code Manager. I didn't even use LCM for a couple months after adding the locks, I just used the codes in there from the previous hub. I didn't do a factory reset or anything. Just excluded from Wink, and included into Hubitat.

No, it's strictly for polling/waking up the lock Once you set your device codes through the device page or Lock Code Manager native app (NOT the lock itself) then you should be able to write any rule that you can select the user code as a trigger.

I think months back I contacted Shlage and they stated the firmware isn't updatable (I could be wrong but I think that is what they told me)

We feel you pain, many of us dealt with this issue literally for MONTHS, and improvements (dedicated drivers) and learning of the Aeotecs have made significant progress.

On a side note, I have 5 aeotecs (but one of my 3 locks is outside on a metal building), many others have 3-4, I started one at a time until all issues went away.....again wait a few days before trying to add more as it may settle down.

I give up. I'm going to figure out how to put the lock back on Wink 2 and link the Wink to HE. It stops responding to the HE after only a few hours at times. Very disappointed.

I scrolled all the way to the bottom to read about the solution to this problem as I'm having same issued with my BE469 and just got done installing 2 Aeotec repeaters but seeing you giving up is bringing tear to my eyes :slight_smile:

I came from ST and this lock performed solid for years on that platform. If its Mesh or signal strength issue, you'd figure the repeaters would have addressed it?

What else can it be? I've tried both Generic and Schlage drivers. Tried moving HE closer. Installed reliable locks app. Frensh batteries. reset/exclude and paired half dozen times. Thoughts?

@mike.maxwell @bobbyD do you have any other suggestions for us to try with these stupid locks, please? I know they are a thorn in your side as much as they are ours. And I know you guys have spent loads of time on them, including making a specific driver. I am super appreciative of all you have done. Yet for some of us the issues persist. I have 5 Aeotec repeaters in a 1,600 sq/ft home with only 3 locks and I’m having much of the same issues as above.

I’m likely going to get another C5 hub in the next few days to see if that will help, but maybe you have some suggestions for us first? For better or worse these locks were something a lot of us home automation newbie enthusiasts purchased over the last 4 years and their flaky-ness is impactful. :frowning:

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I don't get how some of you are having issues. I brought all 3 of my locks from Wink, I simply removed them in the Wink app, and paired them in place with Hubitat. No funny business about resetting them, moving the hub to the lock, or anything of the sort. It worked fine with the generic and later with the specific driver. Up until pretty recently I didn't even have a repeater in the system at all. I only had a Z-wave switch in the general area of the lock (between 5 and 20 feet away), and about 10 powered Z-wave switches in the whole system. (remember battery devices don't repeat, only powered ones) I now have probably closer to 20 powered and/or repeaters among the 50 or so Z-wave devices now.

It is hard to pin this on Hubitat because I use rechargeable batteries, but the only complaint I have is short battery life. I only get about 2 months from them, but being rechargeable the voltage and discharge curve is significantly different on a NiMh than an alkaline battery. When the batteries get low, the locks are flaky and do what all of you are describing here.

My hypothesis is that only certain firmware versions of the Schlage locks are impacted by this issue in combination with Hubitat.

What firmware are your locks?

The older firmware versions, v7.1 and lower, tend to have the most issues from what people have posted over the last few years in this message board.

Schlage confirmed that firmware is not updatable.

Wink and Smart Things figured out how to deal with all versions of the Schlage firmware.

My locks all have different firmware:

  • MAIN 8.0 (virtually zero issues)
  • MAIN 7.1 (the most issues - falls off most frequently and hardest to get back on the network)
  • 0.8.0 (moderate issues)

I am not sure what firmware I have, I haven't pulled the lock to check. My oldest two locks were from Prime day 2017, and my newer one is from Prime day 2018. From memory, I think they are one of the 0.X.X versions and not the newer ones.

Here is the thread I was referring to: Schlage BE469 No Luck with 2.0.4 - Suggestions

The last three times that I have updated my hub, one or both of my BE469s have been corrupted. Maybe more than that. They start sucking down the batteries and quit reacting to the apps I have associated. This has got to be somehing to do with the updates. I wind up having to remove the affected lock(s) from the network, then reset the lock to defaults and then rejoin the lock. It is aggravating because I have to either remove my lock and take to the hub or vice/versa.
Also, on the the firmwares, one is relatively new 0.8.0 and the other lock is main_6.8

Updates wouldn't be the cause, likely your locks are taking a different route after the reboot with a Zwave device that doesn't support beaming or doesn't work too well with the Schlage locks. My BE469 locks have never dropped from updates.

Looking to make the jump from ST, but need to find out the current status for a BE469 lock.
Are the issues in this thread still ongoing?

I have a C7 and the plus version of this lock with no problems. Lock is about 30 feet from hub with all z wave plus devices in the house. Did not have to move the hub to include the lock. The lock was the last device added to my mesh.

My understanding is that there are still issues with the BE469 (z-wave version). But many fewer issues with the BE469ZP (z-wave plus version).

Here’s what I did to get mine to be reliable:

(1) upgraded my two BE469NX (Z-Wave non-Plus) to BE469ZP (Z-Wave Plus). The modules are the same in all of the models, and you can get used BE469ZP locks (or just the indoor part) for about $40 to $50 on eBay. Make sure you get the door plate (or a photo) because the DSK is on the back side of the door plate.

(2) put a beaming Z-Wave repeater near the lock. I first used Aeotec Range Extender 7 devices, which work fine, but replaced them with Ring Extender 2 devices, which have internal battery backup and report power fail events if paired S2.

The locks are now rock solid on my C-7.



I have had a BE469 since 2016, regular Z-Wave, and it has worked w/out issue on both ST 2nd gen hub, and HE w/C7.

W/SmatThings I had a couple Z-Wave switches about 10' away from it, by the time I moved to HE I had added an additional Z-Wave Plus switch for a whole house fan, that switch is also about 10' away from the lock. You do want to have powered repeating Z-Wave devices near the lock. Could also use Z-Wave repeating plugs. If you want to use a Z-Wave repeater, one of the most recommended by HE staff is the Ring Repeater which can be paired to the HE hub directly.

When I paired the lock on ST and on HE I used a long ethernet cord to bring the hub within a few feet of the lock. It paired w/out issue,

The lock has worked perfectly. Aside from manual use, I have the app "Auto Lock" installed to auto-lock the door if it's unlocked and open 10 minutes (using the lock and a contact sensor in the automation so I don't try to lock the door when it's open). Communication of lock status changes (I use it w/an automation to turn on a red light if it is unlocked at night) is almost instant.

As long as you do the initial pairing w/the hub nearby, and have powered repeating switches or plugs nearby, from my experience you will be fine. I would not do any updating/upgrading of the lock until you try it first as-is. Good luck!

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Fine, I willl just report another benefit of the BE469ZP locks. The BE469NX locks pair as S0, which has three times the network traffic of S2, which the BE469ZP uses with my C-7. That reduction in Z-Wave traffic has greatly extended the life of the batteries in my locks. Previously, I was replacing the batteries every several months (and the locks weren’t reliable). Now, with S2 and Z-Wave Plus, it’s looking like I may get a year or more with the batteries (batteries are at 99% after 4.5 months).


Really appreciate the feedback everyone.
Question though - The house is new and came with the BE469 locks. Is there any way I can tell if they are just regular BE469 or BE469ZP?

My message wasn't in response to yours, @672southmain, nor meant to dismiss your comments. Upgrades are one of my favorite things. Just ask my wife who sees box after box arriving. :wink: You are correct that noisier messaging from an S0 device could cause issues. Doesn't appear to affect my mesh so far.

I just think it generally makes sense to start out w/the lock as-is and see if any issues arise, communication or battery life, etc. Then upgrades can be gleefully applied as desired. :slight_smile:

I can't remember exactly when I last changed my lock's batteries just remember it was early this year. Being conservative and assuming the batteries were replaced as late as the end of March, at 7 months out my lock is at at 62%. That also points to over a year of use. I should note that I've seen my lock report 99% for a long while and then drop suddently to something that looks more realistic. I generally don't "trust" my battery reports until I see them take that initial drop from the very high 90's. Your newer version could be better at that than mine is, of course.

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Yes, there are two ways.

(1) The visual way, slide open the battery connector. Compare the pictures below. The bottom picture, showing the include/exclude button, is the Z-Wave Plus version. The top picture is non-Plus.

(2) Using the hub, go to the devices page. If the inClusters have 0x5E, it’s Z-Wave Plus. See below one of my Z-Wave Plus BE469ZP locks.

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