Schlage be469

I have a BE469 but I'm having no issues at all with either the rules I have setup, using Lock Code Manager or locking/unlocking the door using Hubitat after the update. I tested out a few new rules too using RM 3.0 and having no issues so far. Lock Manager probably isn't working since you cannot lock/unlock in HE, may want to try new batteries first to see if that helps since this lock seems to stop all of a sudden for me every 3-6 months until I change the batteries out.

Sadly if that doesn't help, it may need reset and paired again. Seems like there's numerous ppl having issues with this lock, I will have to say I seem to be one of the lucky ones and have no issues at all on HE besides when the battery dies but had a ton of issues on Smartthings.

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I have this lock and was able to pair it. I am able to see the locked state and can lock/unlock it.

However, I have a rule that is supposed to function from 8:30 PM to 9 AM that will determine if it is locked and lock it if it is false.

It is correctly identifying the lock state but it isn't locking the door. I believe this was working in 2.08 but it hasn't been working recently. If I go out and check the lock around 9 PM, it is is unlocked and the lock state is unlocked - so it should lock for me.

I am able to use the dashboard and/or device page to lock it but now what I notice that is different is that when I go to lock/unlock it from the dashboard, I get popup that says "Are you sure?". If I click yes, it locks.

I wonder if this is something that it would be waiting on in rule and so it doesn't lock? Anyone see this behavior as well? It was originally created with Rule machine (2.5).

This has always been there and done this for over the past month when Dashboards 2.0 came out ---> . Confirmation prompt

I have noticed if you have a rule that fires multiple actions, create a separate one for the locks as these locks are very temperamental with communications.

Strange. I don't remember seeing that until I updated a few days ago.

This is the only device and action I have on this rule - to check if it's locked and lock it if is false.

Hi, anyone having issues with the lock no longer communicating with Hubitat unless you reboot the lock by disconnecting and reconnecting the batteries in the lock BE469. Restarting the hub doesn’t do anything to fix it once the lock is frozen.

It’s weird, it’ll work fine for a while and then one day it’ll just stop communicating. It never did that with Wink so I wonder if it’s a driver issue causing it to lock up (pun).

Batteries are fresh.

Many others have reported this issue in the past. It used to happen to me as well but one of the firmware updates (don't remember which) seemed to clear this issue up for me. What firmware are you running on your hub?

Take a look here. Adding Aeotec Range Extenders has made my BE469 and FE599 locks reliable

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Thanks, I’m using the latest one for the Hub

Even with, I’m still having to unplug and replug the batteries in the lock about once a day because it just stops responding. It’s one of the more frustrating things moving always from Wink. I’m even considering using the Wink again just for the lock since it was one of the things Wink did well.

Are there any outstanding issues the team is working on with the drivers for this?


Thanks for that video. I’ve not had any issues with pairing or even remaining paired. The lock eventually freezes up and no longer responds to the hub. Nothing in the logs, toggling the lock state in the device settings, trying to refresh from the device settings, nothing does anything. Soft resetting the lock by disconnecting the batteries temporarily immediately makes it communicate to the hub and then it works again for a day or so.

To say that the lock now requires some range extension or it freezes up seems to say something about the way the Hubitat communicates with it in such a way to lock it up, so to speak. It’s a bandaid for some other issue. The Wink hub never once caused it to freeze up despite having a whole slew of other stability issues.

That is what the video is addressing, it only mentions about pairing for someone who has no clue about automation, the video is specifically aimed at addressing the communication issues you are having and adding the Aeotec to solve them so end up with polling logs like this

I addressed this as well in the comment section of his video. The zwave radio in the C-5 hubs is weaker than Wink's on Secure device communications.....The C-5 hub is also about half the size for factor wise, which could be expected as you can't put a very big antenna in a tiny box.


Very nice!

I have 3 of these and at first they gave me fits. I moved over from Wink where they worked flawlessly. Here are some tips that I have found to stabilize their operation:

  1. Pairing...
    a. The hub has to be very close (4-5 feet) from the lock.
    b. It needs "brand new" batteries to pair.
  2. Operation...
    a. It needs good batteries, weak ones cause intermittent disconnects (>60%). Use battery monitor to alert when they fall below a certain value.
    b. It needs a Z-Wave (always-on) repeater within 5-8 feet of EACH lock within good range to the hub.
    c. If you have a rule that includes the BE469 it should include delays between commands or even better a separate rule to handle it. Firing off too many commands causes it to "miss" things.
    d. The latest firmware has definitely helped.
  3. Lock Code Manager...
    a. If you intend to use Lock Code Manager, You will need to reset the lock back to factory and start over with NO codes in the lock. This includes deleting the 2 - 4 digit codes that came from the factory. You will need the factory programming code.
    b. Reset to factory, delete the 2 factory codes, set code length, use Lock Code Manager to set the new codes from the start and ALWAYS maintain the codes through Lock Code Manager. If you maintain them elsewhere, Lock Code Manager for some reason may work on a couple of codes but the ones that get changed elsewhere will hang on programming.

Once you get the locks "world" set and stabile it should improve the reliability. Once I fumbled through it, mine are finally working good.

I hope that this helps...

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Thanks for all the tips. I bought two of the aeotech range extenders and so far, it still hasn't helped. The HE is about 30 ft away from the BE469 in almost a direct line of sight only blocked because the HE is inside of a cabinet. I put one of the extenders right outside the cabinet and the other about 5 ft from the BE469. Pretty much every time I manually open the lock to go outside, the HE logs only show the manual unlocking, but not the manual locking. I usually spend a couple minutes outside to let the dog out so it's not as though I'm rapidly cycling the lock. The only want to get the lock to communicate again with HE is to disconnect the batteries temporarily. Then it immediately reconnects.

I'm on the latest HE firmware, fresh batteries, and aeotech extenders. I'm sort of at my wits end. Is there any way to update the firmware of the lock itself? Is there any way to look deeper at the logs to see where things are crashing for the lock?

Just to verify, after adding the range extenders did you run a zwave repair?

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Yes I did. I know that the lock doesn't even participate in the repair but the extenders do.

Three things to try.

  1. Give 2-3 days after you installed the extenders and performed the zwave repairs for your mesh to settle down, they should wake up occasionally and communication should improve.

  2. Install this app [Release] Reliable Locks and set your lock(s) to be polled every 5-10 minutes, you can see in the logs if the polling is communicating, as it will tell you the lock status (locked/unlocked) and battery %.

  1. If still no improvement do this last. Now that you have your Aeotecs included in your mesh. Exclude the lock(s) from your zwave network, and re-include them. This will force the lock to pair to your zwave network through the range extenders, instead of being rerouted now after you've added them.
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Just as another data point:

a. I paired all 3 of mine in place. The closest one is probably 20 feet away, the furthest closer to 50 feet away from the hub.
b. I don't know about new batteries, but known good ones are a must. I used what was in there when I switched hubs, and they weren't new. I also use rechargeables, which aren't quite as high a voltage as alkalines, and they work fine.

a. Similar to above, the locks get flaky in general with low batteries. I know when it misses lock events from the keypad to charge the batteries immediately.
b. Mine paired and worked just fine with probably 4-5 Z-wave switches in the vicinity. Again, they weren't particularly close to the hub. Admittedly, the battery life sucked a bit, about a month on a charge. Battery life appears to be much better with the Iris V2 plug/repeaters close by. I have only had them about a week, so time will tell here.
c. Delays are essential, I have locked up the hub many times by attempting to lock the locks too soon in a row, or worse yet simultaneously.
d. If by firmware you mean driver, yes it made a big difference.

Thanks, by firmware of the lock, I meant the firmware of the lock itself, not the HE driver for it or the HE firmware.

I'm also trying reliable locks now.

Thanks again. I wish it wasn't this hard. But if I can get this lock thing to be stable, it'll be awesome. Does the reliable locks app pass code usage too? For example if I want to have a rule that notifies me when codes are used, do I use the virtual lock as the trigger or the real lock device?