Schlage be469


I am also having an issue with this lock, I am moving from Lowes Iris. I was able to successfully remove it from Iris and get it to pair with Hubitat. However, none of the functions seem to work. I can't lock or unlock the door.

Here are the parameters

  • deviceType: 25409
  • inClusters: 0x22,0x72,0x7A,0x98,0x86
  • deviceId: 20548
  • manufacturer: 59

I am using the Generic Wave Lock device type.

Is there something else I should try?

BTW, spent the entire day moving devices over from Iris and most moved without any issues. The Yale and Kwikset locks I have work with no problems.




This one didn't pair securely, that's why it's not working. You'll have to unpair it and try again.


Greg... as Mike said, the reason it's not working is that Secure Pair... the parameters you pasted don't have that and without, the lock, as a Boundary Device isn't allowed to do anything... which is of course, what you're seeing.

Locks will either want to be close (whisper distance) or will want a Beaming Device near enough to be it's repeater. You don't actually want it conversing directly to the hub, because it may reduce battery life on the lock. A Beaming device will sit and wait for the Lock to wake up and will deliver the message from the hub.

Lookup at the ZWave Alliance, a few of your AC powered devices that are within 10-15ft of the Lock... verify they have Beaming = Yes.

When it works correctly, you'll see the parameters AND this one:
zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true


I was able to re-pair it. I can now lock and unlock but I don't see the SecurePairing you described in the data section on the device. Should I keep trying?


Working is working :smiley: don't mess with success.


I have noticed my battery life is only about a month now on my Schlage lock. Is there a setting that I missed to keep the battery from draining so quickly? On SmartThings I would get typically a minimum of 6 months.