Schlage be469

I am also having an issue with this lock, I am moving from Lowes Iris. I was able to successfully remove it from Iris and get it to pair with Hubitat. However, none of the functions seem to work. I can't lock or unlock the door.

Here are the parameters

  • deviceType: 25409
  • inClusters: 0x22,0x72,0x7A,0x98,0x86
  • deviceId: 20548
  • manufacturer: 59

I am using the Generic Wave Lock device type.

Is there something else I should try?

BTW, spent the entire day moving devices over from Iris and most moved without any issues. The Yale and Kwikset locks I have work with no problems.



This one didn't pair securely, that's why it's not working. You'll have to unpair it and try again.

Greg... as Mike said, the reason it's not working is that Secure Pair... the parameters you pasted don't have that and without, the lock, as a Boundary Device isn't allowed to do anything... which is of course, what you're seeing.

Locks will either want to be close (whisper distance) or will want a Beaming Device near enough to be it's repeater. You don't actually want it conversing directly to the hub, because it may reduce battery life on the lock. A Beaming device will sit and wait for the Lock to wake up and will deliver the message from the hub.

Lookup at the ZWave Alliance, a few of your AC powered devices that are within 10-15ft of the Lock... verify they have Beaming = Yes.

When it works correctly, you'll see the parameters AND this one:
zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true

I was able to re-pair it. I can now lock and unlock but I don't see the SecurePairing you described in the data section on the device. Should I keep trying?

Working is working :smiley: don't mess with success.

I have noticed my battery life is only about a month now on my Schlage lock. Is there a setting that I missed to keep the battery from draining so quickly? On SmartThings I would get typically a minimum of 6 months.

I have a Schlage BE469. It was hooked up to my Wink 2.0 Hub and it worked well. Moving it to Hubitat was easy. Having it work is more difficult.

Schlage BE469 - firmware 0.8.0
Hubitat Elevation™ Platform Version - Hardware Version Rev C-5

UnInstall from Wink
In Wink I removed the lock on the app and it walked me through opening battery case of lock. Open door. Lock the lock. On the keypad hit the Schlage button above your numbers, then enter in your programmer code + 0. It should beep.

Install on Hubitat
Now I went to my Hubitat menu. My Hubitat was about 15 ft away from my door. I selected Discover Devices, Z-Wave, start Z-Wave pairing. On my Schlage, door still opened, lock still locked, I hit the Schlage button above the numbers, then entered in my programming code + 0. Hubitat found the device and I named it Front Door.

Setup on Hubitat
I proceeded to clear all the codes so I could reenter them with names. I did this from the Hubitat menue as well as the lock itself.
From the lock. Door open and in the locked position. Press Schlage + programmer code + 6 + programmer code and then it beeps and green check blinks twice.
I went back to Hubitat, entered in Code 01, code and Charlie, clicked Set Code. I also added code 02 and 03. Worked like a charm for three codes.

So on my browser I went into the LOG portion of the Hubitat GUI so I could trap what happens.
I went to my door, locked it. Entered my code, door opened. Locked it, entered the second code, door opened. Locked it, entered the third code, door opened.
I went to my computer and saw the lock, door opened by Charlie, door locked, door opened by 2nd user, door locked, door opened by 3rd user.
Note: there were other messages there about Front Door battery level and such.
So it worked!!! Great.

I then went to build an automation to turn on some lights. This is where things started going a bit off. I setup a rule
Condition - Lock Code entered on Front door : Charlie [TRUE]
Define Rule - Lock code entered on front Door : Charlie
Select Actions for True - Dim:Picture:60
It worked and then it didn't work. Then it worked, but it took about 10 seconds for the light to come on. It has not worked since.

Here is my log from the last few times the lock and Hubitat has communicated. There is no communication now. Hubitat shows the lock is there, but the status is incorrect. The lock and unlock buttons do nothing.

dev:1332019-04-01 03:07:44.495 pm infoFront Door was manually locked [physical][6:1]
dev:1332019-04-01 03:07:40.998 pm infoFront Door was manually locked [physical][6:1]
dev:1332019-04-01 03:07:04.252 pm infoFront Door was unlocked by Charlie[6:6]
dev:1332019-04-01 03:06:42.742 pm infoFront Door was manually locked [physical][6:1]
dev:1332019-04-01 02:53:03.499 pm infoFront Door is unlocked
dev:1332019-04-01 02:52:47.870 pm infoFront Door is unlocked
dev:1332019-04-01 02:40:08.082 pm infoFront Door was unlocked by Charlie[6:6]
dev:1332019-04-01 02:39:54.066 pm infoFront Door was locked via keypad[6:5]
dev:1332019-04-01 02:39:20.192 pm infoFront Door battery is 93%

I have not tried to unpair and pair the lock because I now see where so many people have had issues.
I did reboot the hub.
I waited about two hours. I performed a Z-Wave repair (see below about repair link). Suggestion: open another browser window to the Hubitat GUI and open the Log. I leave this open a lot so I can see what is going on. The repair takes time depending on the number of devices. When it is done, it will say that Z-Wave Repair is complete. Do not confuse the repair complete of just one node.
sys:12019-04-01 09:05:29.154 pm infoFinished Z-Wave Network Repair
sys:12019-04-01 09:05:18.051 pm traceZ-Wave Node 22: Repair is done.
After the repair, still does not work.

I found an document on how to setup devices to form a good Z-Wave mesh. Here is the link. Look at the section about Z-Wave Repair
Based on that article, I am just going to wait.
The following morning, I went in and out the door. I looked at my log (yes it is still up and running from the day before) and my motion around the area worked, but the door did not register anything.

Side note - I am having issues with the GE Dimmer near the door. It was paired, but would not connect. I unpaired it before the Z-Wave repair, but it still will not pair again. The first time it paired with no issues. In the same gang box as the dimmer, there is a GE switch. It works great. On the outside of the wall there is a motion sensor (Zigbee) that controls the GE switch just fine. There is also another GE dimmer on the adjacent wall that works well. That is the PICTURE dimmer and is about the same distance from the Hubitat, which is still sitting in the upstairs hallway by the banister.

So at this point I have 33 devices, 27 physical and six virtual.
3 Alexa devices
19 - Generic Z-Wave

  • 1 - lock
  • 1 - Motion Temp Sensor
  • 1 - outlet
  • 8 -smart dimmers
  • 7 - smart switches
  • 1 - switch

5 -Generic ZigBee

  • 4 - motion sensor
  • 1 - RGBW light

3 - Group Bulb Dimmer
2 - Smart Sense Multi Sensor
1 - Zoot 4-in 1 Sensor

Next course of Action
At this point no resolution. I will continue to wait another day. This is what it says in the above link to build a strong Z-Wave mesh.
I might unpair the lock and pair again, but will probably wait until I can get the dimmer to work. I will most likely remove the dimmer and replace it and try with a new unit.
I might perform a Z-wave repair again.

Anyone have suggestions?

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Have you tried the Reliable Lock App?


Get a Zigbee lock. Seriously.

About a year ago, we replaced our front door and I installed a new Schlage BE469. I was using Vera at the time, but then made the switch to SmartThings. The entire time, between both Vera and ST hubs, the BE469 would work, then suddenly fail to report it's status. In particular, manual locks/unlocks and code unlocks failed to report. Therefore, none of my lock based automations worked.

I just made the transition to HE a week ago and discovered I had the same issue with the BE469. The lock was discovered by HE without issue and I could lock and unlock it from it's device page, but none of my rules would work. At that point, after all the testing I was willing to go through, I had enough.

I ran to Lowes and bought a Kwikset 914 Zigbee lock. Installed it and it paired immediately. I added all my codes and tested each one. Every lock and unlock event reported properly. My RM rules now work, as do my unlock notifications.

Sorry for the long post. But just to reiterate, the BE469 works well for some, but not for others. It's truly a pain-in-the-■■■ device. Had I known, I would have gone the Zigbee route for my lock from the get go.

Good luck.


I have no way to test but srwhite's driver workaround for the FE599 may work for this lock too.

jkudave, thank you. I am in the market for a Garage Door Lock, so perhaps I will go Zigbee for that. I can't say that I had issues with the Schlage with the Wink because I only had two robots setup. Not much to go by there. It seemed to work well, and the times it did not, I thought it was related to Internet/Cloud rule analysis.

I would also recommend zigbee, it just works.

To get the z-wave lock working, it needs to be paired in secure mode. Does it say secure mode in the device info? I found I needed to bring the hub near to the lock to get it to pair in secure mode.

Update - Things work now.

Steps Taken
Around the corner, 2 ft and 2 ft, there is another 2 gang box. I turned off power (which included the GE smart dimmer by the door that would not pair). I removed my Wink Relay and installed two GE devices (smart switch/smart dimmer). Those paired just fine. After that I went to my dimmer by the door. I started exclusion and it did not count down from 30, it immediately said it excluded Unknown.
2019-04-02 12:13:12.517 pm infoUnknown Z-Wave device excluded. (yes, my log is still running)
I then requested to pair Z-Wave. It found the dimmer and it worked just fine.

So I tested my lock and it still did not log any events.
I opened the battery cover, unplugged the power, manually locked and unlocked the lock, I pressed the Schlage button above the keypad, and powered it back up, I saw the battery % in the log.
I manually locked the door, unlocked it. Pressed the Schlage, entered my code.
dev:1332019-04-02 12:36:26.711 pm infoFront Door was unlocked by Charlie[6:6]
dev:1332019-04-02 12:36:18.140 pm infoFront Door was locked via keypad[6:5]
dev:1332019-04-02 12:36:15.046 pm infoFront Door battery is 76%
dev:1332019-04-02 12:36:13.326 pm infoFront Door was manually unlocked [physical][6:2]
dev:1332019-04-02 12:36:10.867 pm infoFront Door was manually locked [physical][6:1]
dev:1332019-04-02 12:36:05.727 pm infoFront Door battery is 78%

I left, returned, entered code. Checked and it was in the log. I was able to unlock and lock the device from the Hubitat GUI Device menu.

So everything seems to be working now. Now to build some automations.

Thank you for the replies. Things to consider next time.

This sounds like 'Beaming'... that beaming wasn't working, now it is.

Beaming was 'invented' to extend battery life on Locks. Battery devices sleep, which is the exact opposite of a lock that's supposed to be ready when you are.

My Wink hub died, so now I'm a Hubitat guy. Most everything was easy enough to transfer. My Schlage BE469 was another story. I'm on my third day of beating on it and finally figured it out, I think. I kept running Zwave exclude, but it would never leave the Wink network. I tried all of the suggestions that I could find here, no luck.
Finally I thought, maybe 2 feet is not close enough after all, so I duct taped the Hubitat to the lock.
It excluded on the first try, then it included on the first try!
I hope this works for you.


Just to add my experience. I moved from iris to ST then to hubitat with them. I to had issues with them, but I discovered that if I just disconnect the battery and wait 5 seconds pressing the schlage button, releasing the button and plugging the batteries back in (Not a factory reset). and right away do an exclude process, it would exclude immediately , then right after run the discover process, it would work. I had one lock that kept acting up (The closest to the hub) and that process fixed it. I have one lock that is about 150ft away from the hub through several walls and it has no issue if I use the method above. I just grabed my phone and walked around to the locks setting. using my phone to switch modes back and forth. It worked like a charm.

I am able to get my Schlage Connect lock to work. Took some time as I moved from Vera to Hubitat. I had to factory reset, unpair and pair a few times. But now it is added and I can control it(lock/unlock).

My problem are:

  1. That the state of the lock is never updated. I never see if unlocked or locked.
    a) Because I can not see state, I can not create rule like to auto lock
  2. Dashboard does not look right. I shows up at "?". I can click it, it ask am I sure then will lock it. If locked, it will do nothing. From Device menu, not dashboard I can lock and unlock.

Any suggestions, change settings or something?

The BE469 is my first major Hubitat woe. I got the locked paired fine, controlled by Alexa, and Rule Machine etc. on April 11th.

The one thing that never worked is battery updates. Anyway, the batteries died yesterday, and in the process my codes were lost from the lock - it reset to factory codes. When I put new batteries in, it was controlled right away by HE, and I could re-enter the old codes using HE just fine.

I wish battery updates worked. Also, when I had this paired to Wink, batteries dying never caused the lock to reset.

Finally, batteries lasted 3-6 months with Wink - not 2 weeks. I suspect that for some reason, secure z-wave is not being beamed by z-wave devices I have right next to the front door lock (a GE z-wave binary switch, and a Leviton z-wave outlet). Or that z-wave routing is not setup correctly.

I bought an Aeon labs repeater to hopefully fix this issue and I will rebuild the z-wave network tonight.

I found just how sensitive this lock can be. I have a Zwave Plus Leviton switched plug (that moves with my 3D printer around the house). It was right above it the floor above and the lock worked fine. I moved it about 15 ft away the other day, and the lock hasnt reported back since.

I have an older Zwave switch next to the lock (literally 8" away) but I am guessing it isnt repeating anything since the lock is not working right now on the network. I am replacing the switch with a GE Zwave Plus switch next week to hopefully get stuff working again down by the lock.

Previously I had a Wink hub located directly above the switch the floor above, so that seemed to work for it. Then again, it seems the Wink system had a stronger hub signal in general than the Hubitat hub, which isnt a big deal, just something I noticed.

Is anyone else having difficulty with BE469 locks after upgrading to HE Software

My locks had finally started to work relatively well over the past few days. I made some rule changes so only one lock tries to unlock at a time every 10 seconds which seemed to help.

However, tonight I upgrade my HE to version Now, I can't lock/unlock any locks via HE. I also can't get Lock Manager to transfer new codes to the locks. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?