Confirmation prompt

How do I turn off the 'Are you sure you want to control this ' prompt from the dashboard?


For specific templates like locks and garage doors, you can't.

I have noted your request and added it for future consideration to be added as an option.

Hate to dig up an old post but where are we with this? I would really like this removed for my garage door opener. Thanks!

This did not make it into Dashboard v2. It is something under review. If you want to be able to open or close your door without the prompt, you could always use Maker API and use that link in a link tile. Not ideal, but will work.

I was thinking about that too. Thanks!

@patrick I would like to see this on/off "selectable" in any tile in the next version of Dashboards. For instance, I have 2 freezers, and 2 refrigerators which they are using "switch" templates that I would like to turn this feature on to prevent any accidental unnoticed taps of the screen, keeping the food from spoiling (although I have backup rules to alert for temp increases) but I'm sure you get what I'm saying.