Sale Linkind Zigbee 3.0 Plug and Remote $10 @ Amazon-Limited Time

Yeah. Sonoff SNZB-01 works fine on 2,2,4.

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The Aqara button I have has been pretty excellent. It's the 6 button model and is Zigbee 3.0. These new Aqara devices seem to be much more compatible than the old aqara junk.
It's not fallen off in over 3 months and responds very fast. I ordered more and use Markus's driver.

Example from Ali

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Great, thanks for confirming, guys.

I'll probably grab a two-pack of the SonOffs. Too bad they are so huge...really like the small size of the Linkind buttons, and others like the gen 2 Smartthings buttons. The Aqara a better size, but the cheap dude in me likes that the SonOff are 2/$28 vs. 2/$36 for the Aqara.

The Sonoff isn't going to win any artsy haute design awards for looks but it has a good, springy feel to it when you click. You'll need a paperclip.

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Hopefully the button will eventually work. I've got it in my devices for that day. The price of these outlets, assuming they come back, means free buttons for everyone.

Has anyone gotten the button to work with the outlet and the hub at the same time? I couldn't get my Ikea stuff to work that way as it's button killed the hub pairing. I can't be bothered to fiddle with it now but I'll see later what happens.

Also if adding this means that the Ikea buttons will work then I would be very interested. The Ikea up / down light switch has a driver but as far as I know doesn't actually work.

So had an odd experience. Decided to return the bulb\button set since I don't need any more bulbs.

Amazon refunded me the money and told me to keep the product... Weird.

This has been confirmed to work with a cornbee stick. If so how do we get those drivers to he?

It's not only about driver. IIRC it has to do with Zigbee core in the firmware of the hub, which Mike Maxwell said would not be changed anytime soon, if at all. Something with broadcast messages, yada yada

True but Linkind and Ikea are both using this non-standard standard the Hubitat may want to add support. I know the Ikea remotes would be extremely popular.

We can ask @mike.maxwell (and we have), but there are many competing requests. For example, I know for a fact that Mike is also working on a way to use Z-Wave resonance to repel gophers.

It's all about priorirites.




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If I could push a push the button to repel gophers.......then you would have something.

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Come on , be real. Everybody knows that 2.4 gHz is the frequency gophers hate the most.


Just wanted to note that I found an Aqara button on eBay for $15, and decided to get it to try it out. It's pretty nice. Easy to pair, and the same size as the Linkind (but square w/nicely rounded corners). Seems to work fine, quick responses to button presses. No magnetic mount like the Linkind, unfortunately, just the stick-up type.

Update: Like this button. Using the driver that Markus had provided, it provides single tap, double tap, and hold options, and has a nice solid click when you use it.

I had an aqara button, but in an effort to stabilize my zigbee, I pulled all aqara devices off my mesh. Apparently according to Markus, aqara devices when they fall of can wreak havoc on the mesh.
Since removing all aqara, thet are not zigbee 3.0 my mesh is much better.
That was about 6-8 months ago, don't know if HE updates may have affected zigbee/aqara compatibility

Thanks for the info.

I've had an Aqara lux sensor on my mesh for weeks w/no issues, but I'll keep an eye on things and see if I run into any issues w/the button in place.

I've never actually (to my knowledge/experience) had a Zigbee device fall off my network. I do have several Iris and Centralite zigbee plugs scattered about, which could be why. Thanks for the heads-up. I hope it doesn't cause any problems, I like the little sucker.

Wait ! Stop the music ! You have an Aqara sensor and an Iris plug. I read Iris is not good for aqara devices.
Is your Aqara sensor zigbee 3.0?

Oops, my bad, typing w/out brain's a Zioami/Mijia light sensor, Zigbee 3.0.

I have two of those lux sensors. They work great. I have lots of devices that should have issues with Aqara (and a cube that falls off). The lux sensors have never fallen off.

Ah, the zigbee 3.0 Aqara devices seem to be much better. I have 2 of the oople 6 button switch, and they've been great