Sale Linkind Zigbee 3.0 Plug and Remote $10 @ Amazon-Limited Time

I got 2 of those on the way. Look nice in the picture.

they're actually pretty amazing. If you use markus's driver you'll have up to 32 unique actions. My first button hasn't fallen off in several months. Great piece of hardware.

I received two of these outlets and buttons a few weeks ago. For $10.00 a piece I couldn't resist. Just got around to installing them this weekend. I was hoping even if the buttons wouldn't pair I could use them with the plug.

If you pair the button to the plug then it will not pair to the HE hub and vice versa. So hopefully they will get these working sometime down the road.

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My same hope...I have two of the buttons and love their small size. I am using the plug as a Zigbee device and it's working perfectly, and has a nice small profile.

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did you ever get the temp to report on the linkind contact sensor?


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Thats too bad I just ordered a 2 pack. I wonder if @mike.maxwell is able to get it working.

I recently installed 14 of them on windows, very easy pairing and good price.

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These sensors aren't capable of reporting temperature, I have moved the fingerprint for these devices to the Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp) where it should be.


First post, thanks for everybody's efforts.

I have been able to pair and use the 4 button fob (at least 3 of the buttons) using the driver found on this thread.

I'm not getting anything from the 4th button (panic button) but otherwise works great. Would be great if the proverbial "somebody" could add the presence of some of the other drivers to this as well.


I don't have one of these but I took a look at the driver code. After pressing the panic key take a look at what's in the settings for the device. Looks like buttonname should be panic and button should be 4.

HSM custom panic rules do not appear to respond to buttons, so use RM to open then close a virtual contact to trigger an HSM custom panic rule monitoring the virtual contact.

Hey Arn, You are correct. I recently got one of these and it works great for arm/disarm. I just pressed button 4 (2 concentric circles) and got this:

dev:73422021-01-18 02:36:39.811 pm debugAlarm Zig3 Button: Creating event [name:pushed, value:4, isStateChange:true, descriptionText:Panic button pushed]

dev:73422021-01-18 02:36:39.808 pm infoAlarm Zig3 Button: Panic button (4) pushed

dev:73422021-01-18 02:36:39.803 pm debugAlarm Zig3 Button: descMap: [raw:catchall: 0104 0501 01 01 0040 00 8120 01 00 0000 02 00 , profileId:0104, clusterId:0501, clusterInt:1281, sourceEndpoint:01, destinationEndpoint:01, options:0040, messageType:00, dni:8120, isClusterSpecific:true, isManufacturerSpecific:false, manufacturerId:0000, command:02, direction:00, data:]

using the driver by "muxa"

Heiman ZigBee Key Fob

  • Device Driver for Hubitat Elevation hub
  • Version 0.1.1
    (name: "Heiman ZigBee Key Fob", namespace: "muxa", author: "Mikhail Diatchenko") {

Create a button controller app rule like below,