[Release] Heiman Zigbee Key Fob Driver

I've been looking for a Zigbee Key Fob to control the HSM in Hubitat. Found one on AliExpress by Heiman.

I've put together a driver for it (reusing bits of code from other community drivers): hubitat/heiman-zigbee-key-fob.groovy at master · muxa/hubitat · GitHub

This key fob has 4 buttons. Button numbers are as follows:

  • 1 - Arm Away (left)
  • 2 - Disarm (right)
  • 3 - Arm Home (top)
  • 4 - Panic (bottom)

I have also discovered that this device supports Zigbee identify cluster (0x0003). This means you can send identify command to it and it will flash a led for 5 seconds. Note that this command only works during a few seconds after pressing any button (i.e. when the device is awake). I've used this led as feedback that my HSM is armed/disarmed.

Let me know if you encounter any issues with the driver.

I've been using this device for a week now and no issues were encountered so far.


Nice find, thanks for posting.
What did you pay for it? I got the Iris 4 button FOB and it works well and I think it might be a tad smaller. It was 20 bucks on fleabay

~$16, e.g. Heiman Zigbee Smart alarm remote controller with multi function of arm disarm-in Alarm System Kits from Security & Protection on AliExpress

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Does this device also act as a presence sensor?

I don't own either of the button fobs but if they report battery regularly (every minute or less) presence could be added to the DH. Probably not a great range though.

Unfortunately the key fob does not seem to report the battery level. The only events that get fired are the button presses. So it can't be used as a presence sensor.

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Hell yeah, I've been looking for something like this. Thank you!!

This one is also something I'd like to use. Does anyone know if this is supported, or if there's drivers available for it?

Pardon me for "necro-posting" but a year later I finally got one of these. It works great and is in fact smaller than my Iris 4 button fob.
The heiman responds very quickly but despite loading the driver ahead of time, the fob was not paired correctly, had to switch driver, which tells me the driver fingerprint does not match 100%, but a much better job than I could have ever done for a driver.
Thank you @muxa.

Is the panic button known to HE or do I need to use button controller to tell HE, that button 4 is the "my wife found out how much I spent on HA" aka Panic button?

Cheers for this. I've been looking for a fob to arm and disarm HSM. I bought 2 of these and they work a treat with your driver implementation.

Can you program the buttons to control other things (e.g. garage doors)?

I don't see why not...

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