Sale Linkind Zigbee 3.0 Plug and Remote $10 @ Amazon-Limited Time

Supposedly it's zigbee 3.0 we'll see. I recently bought another plug and it's zig3.0 but the LQI is garbage, it has though, been working great without issues. Hoping this plug has better LQI. the plug comes with a useless remote that doesn't work with HE, but I'd imagine it can control the plug.


Prime Member deal, otherwise it’s $20

Neat find! Is it correct that there is no UL or ETL listing? (I only see CE.)

Is it a repeater?

It should be. Its a plug-in device.

I ordered one, just for kicks. At $10, its hard to go wrong.



I hope so! I'm in for 5. This will make my zigbee mesh nice and strong

Sorry guy, I assumed almost everyone had prime, based on seeing amazon boxes at recycle. It looked like an amazon warehouse.

I have heard others say that CE is equivalent, or was it ETL? For 10 bucks I'll be glad if it works at all. I couldn't find any certification

Doesn't matter for me. I'm in Canada, so my Prime membership isn't valid for that. Just a note for others :v:

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It’s ETL


FWIW, I get a couple of these the other day. Paired easily and my outdoor zigbee bulbs that were a bit far from the hub are working much better.

The button also pairs as a generic Zigbee device, haven't found a driver yet that allows it to work as a button though

Anyone from HE (@bcopeland ?), could you recommend a driver that work work with this:

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 26
  • manufacturer: lk
  • model: ZBT-DIMSwitch-D0001
  • softwareBuild: 2.22
  • inClusters: 0000,0001,0003,0B05,1000,FD01
  • outClusters: 0003,0004,0006,0008,0019,1000

I've tried most of the zigbee drivers that have switch or button in their names, but no luck so far.

At $10, it's a great deal just for a repeater. If the button could work too, a great bonus.

Zigbee buttons are all over the map, there really isnt a generic driver for these, if you loan it to me I should be able to get it working.
Nevermind, ten bucks, just ordered the set...


Hmm, checked on and that brand has a two pack of Zigbee contact sensors for $35 CAD. If they work or can be made to work that’s a really good price.

Zigbee keypad in one security kit, Zigbee 4 button fob in another, and a five button remote available standalone. Interesting.

Support for these was added back in platform 2.1.9...

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Those didn’t get added to the compatible devices list. Need to fix that.


Go got my plug today, paired right up as generic zigbee outlet. XCTU seems to indicate good signal LQI, about as good a the MOE's zigbee plug w/ USB power. Neither of which can compare with the iris 3210L outlet tho, in terms of LQI

Any luck pairing the button to the plug via touchlink? Followed the instructions but no luck. Had to reset the plug to pair to HE, and after can't get the plug to join to the remote. Plug does work with HE just fine

I've been trying to figure that out too. I don't think you can have both paired at the same time

Same here, the button worked until I paired the plug. I had to press the plug's button to pair with the hub.

What does the button use (zigbee, rf, other) to communicate with the plug?

Tried factory resetting plug and button, however the plug no longer worked with the button.

I think zigbee because I paired the button to my HE. Just don't have a proper device driver for it