Sonoff SNZB-01 won't pair

I've been reading the posts from you lucky folks who are having problems with the SNZB-01. I say lucky, because I can't even get the bloody thing to pair. Have tried a bunch of times; Remove and reinsert battery. Brand new device. Hub at

Any ideas of something to try?


There's been reports of batteries not having enough power to pair properly.
A good button cell tester comes in handy.

This works for me (SNZB-01/02/04's):
Pairing Procedure

  1. Pry open the case (SNZB-04 start opposite the reset hole).
  2. Remove battery isolation strip, test battery, replace cover.
    (I've never bothered to bend the battery contacts. The cover ensures good contact.)
  3. Start HE Zigbee discovery.
  4. Push and hold Reset/Pairing switch until LED flashes.
  5. Wait. If the HE doesn't complete discovery/initialization, repeat steps 3 and 4.

Thanks so much!

I had omitted the step of sticking the paper clip in the reset hole. I had assumed that putting the battery in while attempting to pair would do the job.

All well now.

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??? Not seeing a paperclip reset hole on my temp sensor (SNZB-02)


The temperature/humidity sensors have an easy-to-press button. For some reason, they made the motion sensor button accessible with only the world's smallest poky objects, like a SIM card ejector or a paperclip, but don't try a big paperclip--that's still too big. :slight_smile:

And because every single one of their devices has to be a bit different, the button has a reset hole (either slightly larger or one I enlarged trying to find something small enough for it...), but this one is inside the case, so you have to remove the back to get to it.


Yup, no hole on the SNZB-02, just the button pushing on the reset/pairing switch.

SNZB-02 Reset

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Had one configured and functional for months. Then, poooof. Nothing.

Check the battery clips. All is well. Test the battery. 3VDC. Take out battery. Replace battery. Reset until LED flashes while HE is in Zigbee pairing mode. Repeat 8 to 10 times.

See how far I can throw the damned thing. ~ 30 yards.

Seems as though it has failed. Will save the battery and toss the rest.