Safety Monitor and the Dashboard


I've been looking for a way to put specific choices onto tiles on the dashboard. So far I haven't found anyway to do this. If you're asking what is he talking about. I would like to have a tile that when tapped disarmed or armed the alarm without having to go into the secondary menu of choices which for what ever reason doesn't seem to be very responsive on tablets. Anyway is that at all possible??

A future option I would like to see is the ability of the HSM tile to have a few choices built into the button face.


In HSM under Configure automatic arm/disarm there's an option " Use buttons pushed to arm/disarm".

Create a virtual button, add it to the option above, and then add it to your dashboard. You might have to set it up as two tiles: one for arm and one for disarm. Not sure about that.

The other option would be to create a virtual switch, then set up an RM4 rule to arm/disarm based on the switch state. You could do that with just one tile.


Thanks that worked like a champ


I’m having this same problem but don’t see the option mentioned “use buttons pushed...”. Not sure what I am missing.

I also notice that on the dashboards page sometime the add new dashboard is there most times not. Not sure if that is normal or not.

Thanks in advance for any tips.