Room Lights RM Trigger Issue

Hello All,

I have a rule setup that triggers a RL app, but for some reason the transition time for the light is not followed when using RM to trigger. The light goes to the correct level, but instantly instead of fading up.

If I trigger the RL app using the "activate" button from the RL app itself the transition time is followed properly.

Based on that information, I'd suggest enabling/creating the Activator (special virtual switch device available in RL) for each of your RL automations, and then using RM actions to turn on those Switches ... rather than invoking the RL scenes directly as shown above.

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Thanks I will take a look at this way as well. Although it still seems like a possible bug, as the RL app is not following the conditions as it should be.

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So long as one recognizes that there is an intentional difference between activating RL via the Activator (switch) versus directly calling the automation (via rule), since the latter bypasses certain behavioral parameters.

I'm certain that's the crux of the different behavior you're witnessing.

Yeah I am finding these intricacies with RL, but overall it works well and I feel its a good upgrade over the old motion/mode lighting app.

Do you if its possible to fade up a light that is already on with motion as a trigger? Looking to have a light on in the evening at a low level and then fade up when someone walks in the room and then back down when motion is inactive.

Virtually all of my automations reside in RM, rather than ML or RL, so forgive my answers usually involving Rule Machine. Think along these lines:

REQUIRED EXPRESSION: Mode == xyz (or Time Between A and B) [optional]

TRIGGER: motion == active

CAPTURE Dimmer_sw
SET_LEVEL Dimmer_sw TO 100 FADE 5
WAIT FOR EXPRESSION motion != active TIMEOUT 00:05:00

All as a stand-alone rule. Thoughts?

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Yeah, that works, thanks. I dont mind using RM. I just try and keep my automations as simple as I can as i have prob over 75 different automations.

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You can set RL's "Turn Off" behavior to return the lights to their previous state, rather than actually off. Then you have two instances:

  • One sets the lamp to dim, probably based on mode
  • One brightens the lamp based on motion and restores it based on idle

Or, as @LibraSun notes, you can have RM capture and restore state for the same effect.

Either way, you probably want a restriction not to turn off / restore the light if it gets turned off in the meantime.

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